Saturday, December 4, 2021



Whom do you trust? Your family, some or all of them? A friend? A co-worker? Your doctor? Your political representative? A journalist? Anyone? No one? In our lives there are often people whom we trust. We trust them with secrets, with personal problems, with issues we don't feel comfortable talking about with anyone else. We trust them with our lives and our love. We tell them things we would not tell anyone else. We return that trust by doing the same for them. Trust is the basis for any good, healthy, lasting relationship.

In life we also meet and have to deal with many people of low character. Despicable, ugly people who will abuse your trust, for any number of reasons. They tell you that you can trust them, but they take that trust and twist it to suit themselves and their ends. Once you realize that trust has been abused you are wise to distance yourself from such people, no matter who they are or what they do. People who abuse the trust of others are among the lowest of the low and deserve any calamity that comes their way, as a result of abusing that trust.

Aside from the obvious hurt caused by friends and family who abuse your trust, there are those whose trust can have an even greater impact on your life, and your health. You have to be able to trust your doctor, no matter which discipline he/she practices. Their decisions and advise can have a direct impact on your health and safety, even your longevity. Are those doctors basing their advise on what is best for you or what is best for their bottom line? Do those doctors actually know what they are talking about? Have they studied the illness they are advising on or are they simply regurgitating what someone else has told them to say, based on the symptoms you present? Do those doctors care about your input and concerns or do they simply demand that you do as you're told because, they are the doctor?

The news media, local and national, do you trust either of them? Should you be able to trust them, as the information they provide helps you in making daily decisions on myriad subject matter? You can't be everywhere and hear/see everything, so you need an objective, honest, and fair third party to gather that information and present it to you honestly and without any other agenda, aside from simply getting the facts to you. This is supposed to be the media's responsibility. Do you trust them?

Your elected representatives, local or national, do you trust them? Are they telling you the truth? Are they telling you what you NEED to know, rather than what they WANT you to know? Are they governed by a political party or agenda? Do they allow others, and the money that is thrown at them, to color the information they give you, or are facts and the truth their guiding light?

Have any of the above mentioned ever lied to you before? Provided bad information, either knowingly or by mistake? How many chances at deceit are you willing to allow them, especially as it affects your life, your health, your future? When any of them abuse your trust do you have a right to separate from them? To complain? To stop listening to them? If their lies lead to dire consequences for you, or someone you love, should they be held accountable for those lies? What form should that accountability take? Should those lies be overlooked, simply because of who the liars are or are they as liable for those lies as you and I would be had we been the liar?

I am including this video for your viewing education. Watch it. Watch more than once if need be. Think about it. I mean really THINK! Are we being lied to or deceived in any way? Who benefits from those lies and how? Do you truly believe that we have been told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Why are no major media outlets investigating these occurrences? Why are those who dare to ask questions or show any skepticism about this called the crazy ones? Do major media outlets benefit from their association with big pharmaceutical companies? Do politicians benefit from their association with big pharmaceutical companies? Do doctors benefit from their association with big pharmaceutical companies? Do big pharmaceutical companies benefit from selling more of their products, even when you are forced to buy/use them? Are large amounts of money involved in these associations? Are those large amounts of money more important to these entities than your health and safety?

If there is a virus that is killing people, and something has to be done to stop it, then shouldn't we also be concerned, and try to stop it, if the "cure" itself is also harming/killing people? Are there other ways to address this issue that actually reduces the risks to your health? If so then why are we not being told about them by these same entities? Could it be that they don't benefit as much from the alternatives? Why are those who dare to ask questions and point out those alternatives demonized and marginalized? Has there ever been a time in the history of science and health research that there is only one answer that has remained immutable? Aren't medical and scientific changes investigated and changed, because of new knowledge, because of anecdotal evidence that has gathered over time? Why is it any different now? Remember when kids in America used to be sprayed with DDT? The science said it worked, until further evidence showed that it didn't.

People are certainly dying from this Covid virus, no one argues that. I certainly don't. I would argue that the numbers are not what the government/media tell us they are, but just as people die from the Flu, so too they die from Covid. BUT, people are also dying from the vaccine that is supposed to help. The anecdotal evidence keeps piling up, but many won't consider it until it affects someone they care about. Too much money is being made by too many people right now, so the desire to look further into this is relegated to the back burner. One day the truth about all of this will out. When that day comes it is my fervent and compelling desire that those responsible for the lies, and the lives those lies cost, will be held accountable in the strongest possible terms.