Thursday, November 18, 2021

How The Left Changes The Language

I have been telling you this for years and finally there are more people awakening to it. Those who wish to control, to demonize, to marginalize, to paint others as "the problem," simply change the language. When you own the media, as Ben Swann points out in this video, and you pound that message home every day, those who only get their news and marching orders from the TV start to believe it. Fortunately there are other venues by which we can reach people, and there are many of us trying to reach them.

Here in the Richmond, VA area we see news every day of black people killing EACH OTHER. At the same time the media continues the narrative of racism, white supremacist terrorism, all while black on black crime is running rampant. All you have to do is watch the news to see it. As the media describes it 2020 saw multiple examples of "protests," while January 6 was a riotous "insurrection." White racism is the biggest threat to black people, but it is not white racists driving into urban areas and killing black people. Those of us who recognize the lies for what they are, and then point them out to our fellow citizens, are called "the problem." You see, we are not among the easily duped or controlled.

You know I am not Trump fan, but simply by pointing out the left's hypocrisy and double-standards I am listed among those who need to be "deprogrammed.' Many of you are, as well. And the media lies and narrative(s) continue apace, and there are still plenty of Americans who buy the bullshit. Just watch this video and see how Ben Swann buttresses our thoughts and offers an example of how we can continue to fight back.