Floyd Bayne – A Brief Bio

First off, thank you for visiting my website.

I was born in 1957 in Richmond, VA. And I grew up in the Southside of Richmond, back when it was called “Dog Town” or “Old Manchester.” I attended public schools there. I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School. 

I am the product of a divorced couple and grew up with my mother and two younger brothers. My father owned a supermarket (at one time as many as three) where I went to work right out of high school and worked most of my adult life. My brothers and I would eventually become corporate officers in the company. I had a brief stint as a business owner in my own right when I ran my own Private Security Services business for a few years. 

My wife and I have been married for thirty-two years now. We have two children, our aforementioned son, who is attending a local college to become a nurse and our daughter, who now lives and works in another state. I now have my teaching certificate and am working as a substitute teacher in Chesterfield County, while waiting for a full time teaching job to open up.

I have always been a sports fan, especially ice hockey. Another special interest of mine is and has been for many years, the history surrounding the War for Southern Independence. I spent twenty (20) years in the hobby of Civil War re-enacting. This lead to many years of work with the National Park Service as a volunteer, performing as an historical interpreter. I was elected Captain of a company of infantry for many years I left the hobby in 1995. I finished my tenure in the hobby as a Colonel of a battalion-sized organization of over 250 members. This I did for the last five years of my time in the hobby. The reason this status was so special to me is because I was elected to the post by the membership.

I have played, coached, and refereed ice hockey for many years. I continue to play in the adult league here in Richmond and have the joy of playing on a team with my now adult son. I took time to finally go to college and get a B.A. in History with minors in political science and education, with the hope of teaching at the high school level. 

I have always paid close attention to politics and have never been shy about voicing my opinion on issues. I got fed up enough with the current state of affairs in our nation, specifically Virginia’s 7th Congressional district, to make two runs for Congress. The first in 2010 as an Independent and the second in 2012 in the Republican primary. I continue to keep track of political issues at all levels and to try and do what I can to influence my representatives and others.