Wednesday, December 15, 2021


I, and others, have been trying to get our fellow Americans to open their eyes and understand that they are being lied to, manipulated, and used. Many of them refuse to believe me and like to call me names like conspiracy nut, crazy, ignorant, etc. Now understand that I really don't care what they call me, as I am confident in what I know and I will not be swayed by their childish efforts.

Now comes one more example of evidence that I have been right all along. If any of them can look at this and still state that they believe the government/media/big pharma complex then they are simply lost and there is no hope of ever reaching them. I realize that thinking is difficult for many Americans, as they have not been taught critical thinking by our public school system. They are simply told to believe what the G/M/BP complex tells them to think and never to question what they are told.

I am attaching four articles from different sources. There are others, but these should, at the very least, provide impetus to look further, if the truth is what you seek. We are told to "TRUST THE SCIENCE" are we not? It is the default setting response from those on the left. You know, science, like when you are told that men can be women and vice-versa. Trust the science, read the data, your government cares about you, the media reports the news, big pharma wouldn't lie to you, blah blah blah. THEN WHY WOULD THE FDA WANT TO HIDE THAT DATA FOR 55-75 YEARS?!

Come on leftists, answer the damn question! Have you been one of those who has doubted the FDA to big pharma pipeline? You aren't even interested in knowing why the FDA, CDC, and other government agencies lie on behalf of big pharma? The fact that many of those government workers wind up working for big pharma companies isn't the least bit suspicious to you? If this doesn't open your eyes then you are beyond help. Seriously, answer me, why would the government hide this data for over 55 years? What do they not want you to see? What are they afraid of? Do you even care?