Monday, November 15, 2021

Equal Justice?


If you ever doubted that the left lies, and that it continues the lie even when they are proven wrong, just watch any of the video from the Rittenhouse trial. Even back in 2020 much of the actual video of the event was available and seen all over the Internet, but now comes the trial, and the introduction of EVIDENCE, and the testimony not only of witnesses, but of one of the men Rittenhouse shot.

By any definition of self-defense Rittenhouse was justified in his actions and should be acquitted. The prosecutor should be disbarred for malfeasance. This case should never have been brought to trial at all. But the left continues to push the lie, and the oddest part of their lie is the "race angle." A white man shot three WHITE MEN, but somehow that is because Rittenhouse is a racist? How do these people look at themselves in the mirror? Am I too out of touch? Has this kind of lying become so acceptable that it is just seen as normal?

I have heard the complaints of the left for many years. Hell, I actually agree with them in many cases. Our justice system has been terribly one-sided. People have been unjustly convicted of crimes and punished with too severe sentences, because of race or politics. Don't deny it, we all know it has happened. The question then becomes, "How do we fix it? How do we keep this from happening again?" TO ANYONE! Do we do it by acknowledging the problems of the past and determining to stop it? By not allowing politics, agendas, race, sex, or any other extenuating circumstance to enter into a trial, but instead base it on the law and the evidence?

Or do we do as is being done now - GET EVEN! Rather than fix the system to make it fair for all instead we will see to it that others face the same unfairness, the same lies, the same agendas, the same racism? Rather than take the high ground and stop the madness it would seem that there are those who simply want to see the injustices applied to others in an effort to get even. Is that how we fix things? Where have the grown-ups gone? Where are the mature, reasonable minds? Why do we continue to allow this sort of thing to go on?

EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW! That should apply to everyone, no mater who you are, what you look like, where you come from, or what you are accused of. Either we mean it when we say it and we make it happen or things are simply going to get worse for ALL AMERICANS.