Friday, September 10, 2021

Stop Being Afraid


So, tomorrow marks twenty-years since the attacks of 9/11. Many people asked us to "never forget," but as a nation we have collectively forgotten. We have forgotten what happened, we have forgotten the lies we were told about what happened, and we have forgotten what our government did in the name of "protecting us." I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!

I realize that many of you on my friends list have not forgotten either, but can we be honest? You and I seem to be the minority in this country anymore. Not a racial or sex minority, but a liberty minority. Far too many of our contemporaries have forgotten, if they ever knew at all, what liberty is. They have forgotten, if they ever knew, the proper role of government. And so here we are.

As the video I have included points out, 9/11 was simply an excuse for our government to become even more draconian in its treatment of the U.S. population. I screamed and hollered back then that the Patriot Act was not about foreign terrorists, it was about spying on you and me. You know the names I was called. Hell, "conspiracy theorist" was among the tamer epithets. Was I wrong? And now comes the Covid debacle. I swear, there are actually people out there who truly believe that the government cares about their health and safety. Based on what? What sane, cognizant person would believe that?

So, don't expect this to go away. The elites, those who benefit from the big lie, those who have gathered to themselves more power and money, will see to it that this does not go away. Variants, evolving viruses, booster shots, etc., will keep coming, as long as the lie works and AS LONG AS YOU ALLOW IT TO WORK!

Screw Your Fear!