Saturday, September 11, 2021

Why Do You Allow It?

I have asked the question many times - How many times must someone lie to you before you stop believing them?

I have yet to get an answer from a liberal to this question. However, I am sincere in asking and wanting an answer, as it will help me to better understand the thought processes of the left. In this post I will expand on that question and ask some others. And again, I really would like for someone on the left to try and answer them for me.

Let us begin with - 1) Why do you believe your government cares about you and your health? 2) What has the government done in the past to make you think that? 3) Has your government ever lied to you before and can you offer an example of said lie?

When it comes to things like "Global Warming" or "The War on Drugs" or "Covid-19" the consistent and patented response from your government is - We need more money, more power, and to place more restrictions on your freedom in order to combat this thing. Have you noticed that? Have you ever asked "Why?" Is there no other way to combat this issue? How many lies have you been told in order to gain your compliance regarding any of these issues?

Women, if your husband came home with lipstick on his collar, the smell of another women's perfume on his clothes, and another women's panties in his back pocket, would you be the least bit suspicious of him? Would you ask any questions? Would you continue to believe and trust him?

Men, if your wife came home with another man's "residue" on her blouse, smelling of a liquor she doesn't drink, and has an unused condom in her purse, and you don't use condoms, would you be at all suspicious? Would you ask any questions? Would you continue to believe and trust her?

If you would not believe and trust them anymore, because they are obviously lying, then what would you do? Now then, has your government, media, big pharma, ever lied to you? If you refuse to acknowledge this there are examples that can be offered to prove that they have. And this is not a "rare" occurrence, they all do it all the time. One way to tell is simple, and I'm surprised that you haven't figured it out yet - If the story told accrues to that entity more power and/or money then there is a very real chance you are being lied to. If they benefit while you suffer, then you are probably being lied to. If your freedom wanes while their power and wealth gain, then you are probably being lied to.

As for me, you only get to lie to me once. After that the trust is gone and we shall part. What is your limit, your line in the sand? How much are you willing to give up to please your overlords? Why do you allow it at al?