Thursday, September 2, 2021

Will Things Get Better?

Well, Hallelujah and PTL, today marks the day that life in these United States will make the turn toward Utopia. All the dreams and desires of the American people will come true and we will become the land of milk and honey we have longed for.

With today's news of the pending removal of the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, VA, there will be no more gloomy days. All that remains to push us over the hump is the actually removal of said monument. Once that is done we can look forward to:

Black on black crime coming to an end.

White supremacists will learn to love their fellow man.

Richmond schools will see an improvement in test scores and graduation rates.

Politicians will stop lying to us.

Big pharma will actually produce cures, rather than money-making treatments for disease.

Murder Hornets will become kinder and gentler insects.

The Taliban will return all the weapons and war materiel that Biden left them.

Richmond city streets will be pothole-free.

Political parties will care more about the country than they do about their party.

The government will stop using the lives of our military personnel as expendable pawns in its global chess game.

George Soros will cease to exist.

The Bill of Rights will come back in vogue

Equal application of the law will apply to EVERYONE.

Dogs will lay down with cats..

Mosquitos will no longer bother humans.

Squirrels will leave your bird-feeder alone.

Wind and solar power will actually become cost-efficient and effective.

Our summer temperatures will never rise above 85-degrees.

Everyone will have a green thumb when gardening in their yard.

Farmers will no longer be required to destroy their crops under order from the government and will no longer be subsidized with our tax dollars.

People will learn how to use the turn signals in their cars.

Everything will improve, everyone will love one another, people will actually educate themselves and not believe everything their TV tells them, teachers will simply teach their subject and not indoctrinate students, all will be right with the World.

OR maybe nothing will change at all, because people are not going to change just because a monument comes down, because life is hard and there are lots of stupid people in the World, monuments or no monuments. And most of all because for so many Americans today thinking is just too hard.