Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Can Anyone Think Anymore?


I seriously do not think that most Americans today, from average citizens, to politicians, to the most staunch activists are even remotely capable of having a serious discussion on ANY issue. How do I know this? Have you tried to have such a discussion lately? With anyone about anything? I have tried on numerous occasions only to be met with smart-ass comments, name-calling, and no attempt at all to introduce facts or rational thought into the discussion.

Despite the calls for a "serious and frank dialogue" they simply do not have the wherewithal or the ability to conduct such a discussion. Rational/critical thinking is lost on them. Emotions have taken the place of thinking, feelings have taken the place of research, shouting has taken the place of commonsense. If you doubt me just try it sometime. If they can't use snarky comments, memes, or bumper sticker slogans they are completely lost.

How are we to fix anything, to make progress, to make good, rational decisions as a nation and a culture, when one side won't even try to meet us halfway? The one side claims that their actions in the streets are based on "their frustration" with today's cultural/political climate, yet totally ignore the fact that there is another side in this debate and cares not a whit that we too might be very frustrated. It is obvious that one side has a lot more patience than the other, but all patience has a limit.

It would truly be refreshing to be able to have a rational discussion about our nation's current cultural morass, but with the current population and education system I just don't see it happening. I wonder how much longer it will be before the other side's patience runs out?