Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Real Threat


So, now come increasing news reports about the threat to our freedom from China and Iran. You've seen the reports, heard the gnashing of teeth, watched as pols from both sides do their best to make sure you are afraid of the things they tell you to be afraid of. You know. Once again it's "Do as we tell you, so that we can prevent Armageddon."

Maybe they are right. Maybe we should be concerned about China and keep an eye on Iran. But, can I be frank with you? Neither China nor Iran has been a threat to my rights and my freedom. Neither is of great concern to me (Except for the fact that slow Joe is likely selling us out to the Chinese). No, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest threat to my rights and freedom resides right here in the United States of America. People wearing suits and working in state capitols, and in Washington, D.C., and making law upon law that strips me of those rights/freedoms are the threat.

People who vote for these scofflaws, the poltroons, have also proven that they are a real threat to the freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights and Constitution. And let us not forget those who all too willingly enforce the edicts of the political class, without question, without skepticism, without even blinking an eye. Oh there are plenty of "enemies of freedom" that we can and should be aware of and prepared to deal with, and they are a lot closer to home than China or Iran.

Of course people don't like to hear me talk about such things. It makes them uncomfortable, uneasy, afraid of what it might mean. People like me, who are aware, are labeled to make it easier for others to cope with. "Don't listen to him, he's just crazy." In the meantime the steady march toward totalitarianism continues and few complain about the real source(s) of the problem. Just wave the flag, sing a special song or two, and let your government tell you whom you should see as your enemy. That seems to be the way of it.

I get the impression that far too many Americans, having read little of history, think that all one needs to do is click their heels three times and repeat, "There's nothing like freedom," in order to achieve that goal. Those who may be at least passing familiar with how freedom has been won throughout history tend to think that in our "modern civilization" that we are past that more tumultuous way of gaining freedom from tyrants. Now-a-days we gain freedom by going to the polls and voting harder than the other side, unless, of course, someone else has control of the voting process. Naww, that could never happen here.

In the meantime we gird ourselves for the coming fray with potential foreign enemies, while all along our freedoms and rights are being taken from us by our FELLOW AMERICANS! We are way past time for people to wake the hell up.