Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Lies of the Mainstream Media


There are incidences involving police where they have their body cams on. There are incidences involving police where the body cams were not turned on. Most of these same incidences are also recorded by bystanders with high definition cell phone cameras. The bottom line is that now, more than ever before, police interactions with civilians are recorded more often than not.

We were told that the police body cams would be beneficial to the cops, as well as civilians. The contacts would be recorded for all to see, thus eliminating any questions about guilt or innocence on everyone's part. The problem is twofold.

1) If the cops fail to turn their camera on, for whatever reason, all kinds of questions arise, as well they should.

2) By the time you and I, the general public, see the full video, the FULL video, sides have already been taken, and guilt/innocence has already been determined in the court of public opinion.

The question that should be asked and considered is, "Why?" Why and how do people who were not there so quickly come to conclusions that are not based on ALL the facts? I have an opinion on that. Want to know what it is? THE U.S. MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!

Yep, usually the first any of us see of any such incident is an EDITED VERSION by the news media. We know that the MSM has an agenda and that truth is not part of it. They make sure to present for your consumption a version that leads you to the conclusion THEY want you to have. By the time the real version, the full version, the truth comes out, it is too late. Lines have been drawn, sides have been taken, speeches have been made, fund-raising has begun, and no one, not one damn person among them, will admit that they may have been wrong, that they were duped.

Shame on all of them and especially on the MSM for perpetuating this madness. Until someone starts holding the MSM accountable for its misdeeds they will simply continue to do what they have been doing. And sadly people will continue to buy their bull shit and act accordingly.