Sunday, May 10, 2020

Can we trust hospitals in the age of Covid 19?

By Floyd Bayne

As I often do I was lying in bed last night, trying to get to sleep, and all sorts of thoughts were running through my mind. One of them was something that I have thought long and hard about in recent weeks.
I have been to hospitals in the past. Sports injuries, a kidney stone, needed an x-ray,you know the drill. I have never before found myself in a position where I would not go, because I would not trust the hospital staff to care for me objectively. Well, I do now. Susan and I have talked about this. She has made it clear that if she were to go that she wants me to make it clear to the hospital that she will not accept being on a ventilator. I feel that way, as well. But I have even stronger feelings about this.
If I were to become ill now, ill enough to feel the need to go to a hospital, even if I do not suspect Covid-19, I would not go. I would stay home and do the best I can and take my chances. I simply do not trust any hospital right now. You see, the government, with your tax dollars, has INCENTIVIZED them to be less than objective or truthful in their diagnoses and treatments. $13K for each patient listed as a "Covid-19" patient, another $39K if you're put on a ventilator. You should remember that hospitals are BUSINESSES. They have overhead and salaries to pay, just like any other business, so yes, there are hospital administrators and doctors who will take advantage of that situation, with our lives.

They will allow no one in with you, so you have no one to advocate for you or your treatment. If you get "unruly" and make too many demands they can "sedate" you to keep you quiet. And if you die, well, they will say, "We did our best, but things just didn't work out." But they will still get their money. We are seeing it right now. We all have seen the data by now, if you haven't then shame on you. People are being listed as Covid-10 patients when no one is really sure, but who is going to argue with them? Who is going to say they are wrong?
This whole situation has become so insidious, it is like being in a Stephen King movie. You think you are living in the real world, a place where you can trust doctors and hospitals, but when no one is looking they behave in an entirely inhuman manner. No, Sir/Ma'am, this guy will not being going to a hospital any time soon. Think I am overreacting?
Change my mind.