Sunday, December 8, 2019

Naive or dangerously ignorant?

I think a lot. Sometimes perhaps too much. There are times when falling asleep is a challenge, because I have so many thoughts running through my mind. I was just out in the yard with my leaf-blower clearing the lawn and the entire time thoughts were racing through my head.

The thought that most occupied my mind today was, "Why do liberals not see how history is repeating itself right in front of them?" Are they genuinely ignorant of history and the tendencies of governments to become tyrannical or are they just naive? Is it possible that they do see it. Do they think that because of their political leanings and support of that government they will be spared the indignities of the rest of the population? Why do they think as they do, what motivates them?

Right now, in Virginia, the concern among liberty-loving citizens is the gun control issue. The new Democrat majority has made their intentions quite clear with both word and deed. The bills they have introduced, to be discussed in January's new session, range from restricting magazine size to outright gun confiscation. Now there are those who will tell you that, "Oh you silly man, the government is not going to come for your firearms." The person telling you that may believe it, but the words in the bills that have been introduced tell a different story. But let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the state government really doesn't plan to go door-to-door taking firearms from formerly law-abiding citizens. Do you think the Governor and his minions plan to stop there? Will they just accept that they can't get the guns this time, but there is always next year's session?

You see, if the Democrats/liberals have proven anything it is that they play the long game well. They do things incrementally, a little at a time. They may not get all that they want this time, but they set the precedent and try again next time. But even this brings questions to my mind. Do these Democrats/liberals, the voters, not the state itself, really not see the tyranny that is incumbent in these actions? Do they really believe that the kind of tyranny that we read about in history or that we see in other nations around the World, cannot happen here in the United States? If they do believe that, why? Why do they think that they will be spared by a tyrannical, all-powerful government? Why do they think it cannot happen here? Are our humans different from humans in other countries? Is human nature different here?

There are examples too numerous to cite here of how past governments have imposed tyrannical rule over their own people. Stalin, Mao, and Castro are just three examples. Yet despite all the examples one can cite, the left still refuses to acknowledge the propensity of governments and megalomaniacs to subjugate people and rule as a tyrant. Whether as a single despot or as an evil oligarchy, it has happened and continues to happen in the World around us. So, with so many examples why the continued denial from the left? I have no doubt that those in the government know exactly what they are doing and have evil/tyrannical intent. My concern lies with the voters who continue to support this effort.

For reasons I cannot fathom they still refuse, and I do mean REFUSE, to accept that tyranny can happen here in the United States. In looking for those reasons one can easily point to the public education system as a culprit. The teaching of history, real history, not liberal indoctrination, has been on the wane for decades. Those chickens are now coming home to roost. Television shows and movies also do a disservice by painting a rosy picture of history for most. Just think of how communism is portrayed as compared to Nazism. And let us not forget the mainstream media in our nation. Reporting real news ended long ago, during my lifetime at least, and advancing an agenda took precedence. But given all those influences there are still those of us who are able to see through the deceit and lies, so why not the liberal voter? Is it just easier to believe what they are told rather than seek facts and the truth?

I wish I had more answers than questions regarding this, but I have to start someplace. In the meantime some people may choose to see the liberal voter as merely naive and hopeful. As for me, I see them them as dangerously ignorant.