Thursday, June 4, 2020

Everyone is Offended!

I am offended!

We hear it all the time. Everyone is offended by something and so "changes" must be made so that they are no longer offended. Those words, that statue, that monument, the way he dresses, the way she dresses, that sign, that building, that.......and the list goes on. And whatever "they" are offended by must be removed or changed, so that it is no longer offensive. What a brave new world we are seeing. Such courage and fortitude in the face of ongoing visual and verbal assault. The current and next generation(s) will surely be able to handle anything they face, right?

Look, liberals, young people, black, white, whatever, I, too, am offended by things and words, and people. But, do you know how I handle it? I don't demand that it be removed, that it be shut up, that it be eradicated, I simply recognize other's rights and move on. It's called being a damn grown up. You should try it sometime. If we are going to ease everyone's upset every time they "get offended" then where does that end? How many statues, buildings, monuments, must be torn down? Whose monuments are to be torn down? Who gets to decide? Which words are to be banned and by whom?

You think white people aren't offended? Christians? Men? Southerners? Beautiful women? Teachers? Certain job types? Good grief, people, think of all the things that are done or said that could be termed "offensive" to someone among us. How much are we going to ban and destroy, as not to offend anyone? Once again we see the example of Americans who cannot or will not think things through to logical conclusions. Sadly the past two generations and the current one have been raised to think that only their "feelings" matter and everyone else can just deal with it.

Just be careful what you wish for, as that same attitude can be turned on you, as well. Do you admire statues and monuments that I or others might find offensive? Is it now OK for us to destroy your favorites, since we are offended? If not, why? That seems to be your preferred approach, so why can't others use it, as well? Can we now shut down your "speech," as being offensive to us? Forget about that First Amendment thing right? That was written by old white slave owners, so it doesn't apply anymore.

You people really do need to slow your roll and weak-kneed, despicable politicians, who encourage and allow that behavior, need to be voted out of office. Your way of thinking helps no one in the long run and only serves to create more animus and hatred. You need to think things through.