Sunday, September 22, 2019


The military/industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about will have its war(s). They will not be denied, as too many people make too much money from these wars.

Sadly, far too many Americans buy into their "patriotic bull****" to even question whether a war is necessary or not. They just salute the flag, sing the song, and go along with the program. Those who join the military, and the families who support them, want so badly to believe that they are patriots protecting the country. That's the program they are fed and quite successfully. I understand their desire to do so and can respect that motive. However, given the history of our government and foreign policy I had hoped that more of them would pay attention to the lies and the political games of their government.

When you look at the list of wars that the U.S. has been involved in one can legitimately ask, "Was that really necessary?" A couple have been, but the majority of them not so much. But the government continues to foment more unnecessary wars to send our young men and women off to die in. The way they do it is quite insidious, but it has proven to work. You convince the people that a war is needed (pretext), then you challenge their patriotism. No one wants to be called "unpatriotic." When you have signed on to "defend the nation" everything is now a "threat" to that nation's safety. See how that works?

Now comes Iran. Actually our government and the M/I complex have wanted a war with Iran for many years now. Why do you think that is? Now Iran "allegedly" has attacked Saudi Arabia. SA has oil, so we have to get involved. SA also has its own army and has purchased $Billions in war material from the U.S., but they still "need our troops" to fight their war? When oh when will we ever learn to mind our own damn business? If two other countries want to blow each other up then let them. They are not worth the cost of one U.S. life. Our military, as envisioned by our Founders was supposed to fit two criteria: 1) There was to be no large standing army and 2) It was for the DEFENSE of our nation.

Stop allowing yourself to be lied to and manipulated for fear of being called names, like "unpatriotic." Recognize and resist the fact that our military is simply being used as pawns in a global political chess game. Only in this chess game people actually die. War is gruesome, awful, destructive, ghastly, and deadly. People lose limbs, face PTSD, have to return (If they are not killed) to families that cannot fathom what they have been through, have to try and "adjust" to civilian life again (If they are lucky), internalize the trauma and the death they have witnessed, it eats at them until we see 22 suicides a day among veterans. This is not a f****** game! It is real and it is horrible, yet our government and those who benefit from war just throw more of you out there as fodder, grist for the mill.

Stop it! Stop it now! Stop allowing yourselves to be manipulated with patriotic music, with pledges, with flags, with parades, and all the lies that are used to get you to volunteer to give your life for a scam. If our nation is attacked there are plenty of us who will fight, but stop this madness of occupying other lands and fighting someone elses wars or fighting wars that are not necessary. It is madness and it must be stopped.