Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Have We Made No Progress?

To listen to the left, the media, the Hollywood elite you would think that the Great Society never happened. Seriously, you would think that the Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws, separate but equal, segregation, and all the other past racist attitudes were still in play. Of course this serves a purpose, doesn't it? It allows certain people to prop themselves up as "saviors," who will make it all better. Right?

I am 62 years old. I remember when a black man and a white woman could not date. They would be arrested and jailed if they did. JAILED! Not ostracized, not called bad names, ARRESTED! I'd say we have made some progress in that area. I remember when black kids could not go to school with white kids. Is that still a thing? Do black patrons still have to see movies in "their own theater?" Think about this for a brief moment.

I and the teachers I work with have this talk with my history and Civics students each year, as there is always something in the news that we feel the need to address. I work with teachers who are black and some who are white. Like me they have reached an age where they have seen and experienced some of the real racism from the past. Like me they also recognize that things have changed quite a bit just in our lifetime.

I understand why the pols on the left and the media want you to think nothing has changed. It allows them to "come to the rescue." I really do wish people would use their brains and be smarter about this and stop allowing others to manipulate them so easily. Just look around you. Race relations in this country are not as bad as some folks would have you believe.