Monday, December 17, 2018

Then Who Is Responsible?

OK, this is important for a lot of reasons. It is especially key that you spread this, so that Liberals see it. After all, it is liberals who tell us that we don't need guns, that we shouldn't own guns, that we shouldn't carry guns, and that we certainly should not allow qualified/competent teachers to carry guns in schools. Why? Well, it's like this, liberals tell us that we don't need guns because the COPS WILL PROTECT US!

You know, just throw rocks or hockey pucks at a shooter, while someone finds their way to a phone, calls the police, takes several important minutes to give the dispatcher ALL the information they are asking for, and then WAIT for the police to get there and save the day. Ahh, but as the judge in this story says - "Cops and schools had no duty to protect students."

ARE YOU LISTENING, LIBERALS?! Oh I know some of you are seeing this. I also know who you are and I have seen your posts and heard your comments on the issue. Well, what say you now? Hmmmm? The judge said not just the cops, BUT THE SCHOOL, had no duty to protect the students. WELL THEN, WHO THE HELL DOES?! I'll tell you who - YOU AND I! As free citizens (OK, used to be free) living under a Constitution that codifies certain unalienable rights, among them the right to defend oneself, as covered by the Second Amendment, we have the right to defend ourselves and those under our charge. That means that WE have the right to carry a gun for protection any damn where we need to.

You see, the cops aren't there when the excrement hits the fan, but you are. You are THE first line of defense. You are there when the cops are not. Even if you are able to impede the progress of a shooter, you still have to WAIT for police to arrive and a lot of damage and deaths can happen while you're waiting. OK, you don't feel comfortable carrying a gun. Good, I get that and if you feel that way then you shouldn't carry one. BUT HOW DARE YOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS, KNOW-NOTHINGS KEEP ME AND OTHERS FROM CARRYING!

Want to add to your frustration, now that you know what this particular judge thinks? Read this attached. Back in 2005 the SCOTUS made it clear that the police in this country - THAT'S THE ENTIRE COUNTRY - are under no obligation to protect individual citizens. Their only responsibility is to enforce the government's laws. Does that buttress or undermine your stance? What pitiful, lame, brain-dead excuses will you come up with now? At what point will the reality that is life work its way into your consciousness? 

Get your heads out of your asses!