Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Government Spending is a Black Hole

Annnnnd this is how it works. How do I know? Because I've seen it all before. This is classic, this is standard operating procedure, this is the default setting for politicians seeking accolades and support, BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

First, $268 million is going to be enough to give every teacher in the entire state of Virginia a raise? I admit that I am not a math whiz, but maybe one of you can do the math? Then, of course, there will be money for the schools/classrooms. Funny, I've heard that one before, as well. But you see the money NEVER gets to the places we are told it will be going to. Anyone remember how the GA sold us on the Virginia Lottery? A large chunk of the proceeds will be going to education. Riiiggghhht! Ask any school district in the state how much of that money they are seeing.

How many times in the past have we been told that this new tax or that new tax is going to "help the children?" Only to be told a year or two later that "we need more money." Folks, wake up! Let us assume for a brief moment that Northam gets his wish, and money, anyone want to bet that we'll be right back here in two years or less? It happens with all things related to the government. Remember when we got the biggest tax increase in state history under REPUBLICAN governor Bob McDonnell? I do.

We were told that it was ostensibly for the roads. Remember how we were told just a few short years later that we needed more money......for the roads? It is a never-ending circle of claims for money, get the money, spend it on everything but its intended purpose, demand more money....AGAIN! Do you know where the money REALLY goes? Do you even care? It goes to feed the bureaucracy. It feeds the many levels of government, at both the state and local level. Sometimes some little bit of that money trickles into a school or into some paychecks, but not often. Thus they come back to us in a year or two and tell us they need more of our money.

Don't act like you haven't seen this before. It is a regular occurrence. They demand more money, they get more money, they spend the money (On other than its intended purpose), schools don't improve, teacher pay remains low, they come back and demand more money. But they convince you that it's all "for the children" and you eat that up like a feral dog in a trash can. Wake up! Demand accountability from the school systems, the teachers, the parents, the students, AND most of all the government that keeps taking more of your money. We don't need to spend more money, we need to spend it more efficiently.