Friday, January 11, 2019

Is this acceptable?

Does this bother any of you, especially you Democrats? Are you even the least bit concerned? This is coming from the party that constantly tells us how honest and open and forthright they are. You know this doesn't come from the Republicans, because the media is not going to help them. Hell, even if the story the Republicans told them was true, the media wouldn't broadcast it, because they are not going to do anything that would help the Republicans.

But I can just hear you now - "That's fake! Nancy never said that! That video is contrived!" Yada yada yada. Is it? Is this video "fake?" Is there a software program that allows people to put this sort of thing together like they would a photo shopped picture (Seriously, because if there is I am not aware of it)?

I have been saying this from day one of my journey into politics - TALK ABOUT THE ISSUES! Let the people decide based on the facts, not your personal hatreds.

There are plenty of REAL things to be concerned about. There is no need to make stuff up, unless of course you can offer no real, viable solutions. I have included another clip of Pelosi's speech, without the commentary from the lady who put together the Truthification video. LISTEN! I am going to try and give some of you the credit of assuming that you care about truth and honesty, but I may be disappointed yet again.

In the second, shorter video, Pelosi starts out by saying that "The fact is that 'we' don't engage in the politics of personal destruction." She IMMEDIATELY follows up by saying THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!!! And no one even batted an eye or thought to ask any of the obvious follow-up questions. They just accepted it is a legitimate behavior. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! How can you support this? How do you justify, in your mind, and for your children how this is acceptable? If you can watch this video and still offer your support for Pelosi and company then you are a lost cause. I don't care what the words coming out of your mouth try to tell me, you are a liar and you support liars, and you don't give a damn about truth, as long as "your side" benefits from the lies.

And the same goes for anyone else in any other party who would rather support this kind of behavior rather than seeking and speaking the truth.