Monday, May 20, 2013

Why the Hypocrisy?

   I hate double-standards. I abhor hypocrisy. I am sure that when I was growing up I actually exhibited both of those negative qualities from time to time, and for that I will simply have to claim ignorance and/or childishness. However, as I grew up and started to use my brain more, I came to see those behaviors in myself that I abhorred in others. The lies I told as a child and yes, as a teen would always come back to bite me. I quickly realized that not only did they hurt me, in that they affected how people saw and reacted to me, but it was just so much easier to tell the truth in the first place. The truth is so much easier to remember and if people are going to hate me for what I think or believe anyway, then let them hate me for what I really believe.

   We all see this every day in others and it does affect how we think of them. It paints a picture for us of the kind of person we believe them to be. Sadly, all too often, those people think that we don't see it in them. They know they are doing it, but they keep on doing it, as if we are too blind to see it. Even worse are those who don't even realize that they are doing it. They truly don't see that they are espousing for themselves and their friends behaviors and beliefs that they despise in others. Sort of like the guy who hates gay people, but loves to watch two beautiful women making out. You know what I mean. This same thinking is prevalent and obvious in so much of our political world as well. We see it in party politics, we see it in the news coverage we are subjected to, and in myriad ways too numerous to mention. Now I realize that it is sometimes difficult to set aside our personal prejudices, many of which we have grown up with, but if you are capable of rational, cogent thought, then surely you are capable of rectifying this in yourself.

   Having said that, I would like to point out the double-standard and hypocrisy we see on the news every day. The lies we are told and are expected to just accept at face value. The politicians who can look us right square in the eyes and lie to us without even breaking a sweat. And they all think that we are too stupid to know we are being lied to. Now certainly, if we believed only what we see on TV or read in the print media, why we'd all think everything was just hunky-dory and that Obama and his administration is the best thing that ever happened to this country. But we have other sources for our news, chief among them, the Internet. Why do you think Congress and Obama are so dead set on passing a SOPA or CISPA bill that will allow them/him to shut down the Internet "if they deem it necessary?" Think about it!

   Back to the lies and hypocrisy; Anyone, besides me, remember how the press and the Democrats (But I repeat myself) tore Bush a new one for every misstep he made? And yes, he made more than a few. Remember? Let's just look at one incident - 9/11/2001. After being told what was happening in New York Bush made for Air Force One and took to the skies. For a brief time the press could not get word of Bush's exact location. Remember? Even though our nation was under attack, and it was reasonable to believe that the president might be a target, the press felt that they should have been told of Bush's whereabouts every second of that day. Remember? Fast forward to 9/11/2012 and a little pinpoint on the world map called Benghazi. Americans were under attack and their lives in jeopardy. The Obama administration was advised in time to effect a rescue, had Obama or Hillary chosen to do so. Yet, we still don't know where Obama was that day. He's not saying, Hillary has suffered another of her memory loses, and the media? The media is showing none of the skepticism and demanding none of the facts that they so vociferously demanded of George Bush. Why?

   Anyone remember a guy named Richard Nixon? Remember how the press absolutely hounded him? Remember how the Democrats wanted his head on a pike? All for covering up a break-in at Democrat Party Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Now he certainly should have been held accountable for his actions in that debacle, but compare the reaction of the Democrats and the press (I repeat myself again) then to their reaction to Obama and his IRS scandal. Yes, I said HIS IRS scandal. Like it or not Democrats, Obama is in charge. Just as the IRS was Nixon's IRS when he used it to go after his "enemies," so too is this current manifestation Obama's IRS. So where is the media in demanding answers of Obama and his minions? Where are the investigative journalists, who will climb any mountain, swim any sea, or crawl under any rock to get the goods on a Republican? Hmm? Why are Democrat voters and the media (I keep repeating myself) being so quiet about the lies and deceit of the Obama administration?

   I remember the 2008 presidential campaign. I remember how the media just painted such glowing pictures of the new messiah. The stories about how he was the smartest man to ever run for the position. How, when elected, the world would love us again, truth would come to Washington, D.C., and the Cubs would win the pennant (OK, I made up that last one). Do you remember any of those stories? So we're supposed to believe that Obama is the smartest man to ever sit in the Oval Office, but he has no idea what his administration is doing?! Come on Democrats, REALLY?! You can't have it both ways. Either he knows and is ultimately responsible or he's a blithering idiot being controlled by others and he has no business in the White House.

   With all of the points I have made and questions I have asked the answer is really quite simple - Obama gets away with this stuff because of the hypocrisy of the media and Democrat voters. People who are more concerned with their party and their handouts than they are about the country. They just cannot bring themselves to admit that the guy they voted for is a lying scoundrel. But boy you let a Republican tell a lie and Katy bar the door. My contention is now, as it has always been, Democrat or Republican, if you care more for your political party than you do for your country, then you are part of the problem. A pox on all your houses.