Saturday, May 18, 2013

Political Theater

I know it gives many of you a quick, visceral thrill to see a Congressman or two giving the IRS or Holder or any other political crook (Too many too count) an earful. You're thinking, finally, someone is telling them what filthy pieces of trash they are. Finally, someone is telling them that we, the American people, are not happy, and that we will not put up with this anymore. I understand, I enjoy it as much as you do.

However, when the soundbite is over, when the chairman of this committee or that committee moves on to the next witness or Congressman, what comes next? No, seriously, what comes next. Maybe......MAYBE, there are one or two Republicans with the stones to call a spade a spade, but how much influence do they have? What can they really accomplish? Where is the party leadership during all of this? Anyone remember Boehner a couple of months back talking about how he wasn't going to pursue the Benghazi hearings? I posted a couple of articles about it on this page. Where was Boehner on the IRS debacle, before other Republicans started getting some press for complaining about the issue? Leadership? Really?

And just where the hell has Eric Cantor been during all of this? Has anyone heard anything from him? Where is the passion?! Where is the principled stance for liberty and the Constitution? Why are Boehner and Cantor not using their respective bully pulpits to rail against the abuses of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution on a daily basis? I realize that many of you, especially the staunch Republicans among you, just grind your teeth when I ask such questions, but seriously, where the hell has the Republican LEADERSHIP been on any of these issues?

It's all political theater. It means nothing. It will accomplish nothing more than maybe getting a few Republicans a few more votes in the coming elections, but when the elections are over it will be back to business as usual. Nothing these guys do, NOTHING, is based on principle. If it were they would be consistent about it, but you and I both know that they are not. It's all about, "How can I fool them now?" You think I'm wrong? You think I'm just venting? OK, so watch. Watch and see what happens. If these guys are serious, if the Republican leadership actually has a pair, then let's all wait for the indictments to come out.

That's right, the indictments, the warrants, the arrests. You think the Republican Party gives a damn about you, your liberty, the Bill of Rights? Then let's see someone go to jail. Let's see someone get impeached. Let's see the laws of the land enforced in Washington, D.C. just as they would against you or me. Because until I see that, until I see that there is a serious and principled effort to hold law-breakers accountable, it's all just more of the same old political BS we see every year.

Still think I'm wrong? You want to bet any money on it?