Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pour Yourself A Glass

You know, it occurs to me that with all the partisan, party-first, politics that we see everywhere, it is easy for some people to forget whence some organizations have come. Republicans beat up on Democrats and vice-versa. The bad economy is blamed on each by the other. Civil rights violations are blamed on each by the other. Etc., etc., etc!

But does anyone actually take the time to determine who is really to blame? Does anyone really care? I mean if you were to have to admit that it was "your guy"  or "your people" who screwed things up, would you do it? Would you accept that it was your guy and hold him responsible? Both sides do it, so don't come back at me with some sorry excuse about how your guy/party is exempt.

I have noted on my "Issues" page that the usual partisan suspects from the left are quick to jump on any perceived, or real, affront to their messiah and his confederates made by me. No attempt to discern the truth is made, just an ad hominem attack upon yours truly, in an effort to defend their idol or their party. In effect they are stating that I am the same as them. In other words, they seem to think that because I hold his eminence accountable for his transgressions that I must also be one of those partisan hacks who ignores my party's bad behavior and only points out that of the "other party." Isn't that called transference? Anyway, that is what I have to deal with from time to time. Yes, it is frustrating. Frustrating simply because it shows that grown adults are not capable of, or willing to, use rational, cogent thought processes and come to logical conclusions. Oh well, I knew that could happen, so I deal with it.

But for those of you who bother to read my posts, ESPECIALLY if you are a Democrat/liberal, you should know this: I do not think like you. I do not think along party lines. I think for myself and I measure all government/political actions against the standard set by the U.S. Constitution. Want proof? You no doubt have heard of the Tea Party, right? It's in the news about every day. Have you actually talked to anyone who is a member of a Tea Party chapter? Seriously, have you? Have you asked me why I got involved with the Tea Party, why I call myself a Tea Party person, why I attended the first Tea Party Rally in Richmond, VA back in 2009? Of course not. Then you might find out that I/we are not what the media has painted us as. But I digress.

Do you want to know what the catalyst for moving toward the Tea Party was for me and many others I have spoken to? Do you really want to know when it happened and what it was that pushed me in that direction? Or does the possibility of destroying your current world view scare you too much? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway. I can explain it in just four capital letters - T A R P! That's right, TARP. remember that? It was 2008 and then president, George W. Bush, a Republican, by the way, pushed for, got, and signed into law a huge government bailout for private sector businesses. And my Congressman, one Eric Ivan Cantor, also a Republican, voted for it twice. That was the thing that just pushed me over the edge.

I recall how when Obama wanted his "stimulus package" passed (read bailout), Republicans were up in arms about the unconstitutionality of government bailouts. TARP seemed to have faded into the ancient past for them. Now I, too, was against Obama's stimulus spending, just as I had been against Bush's. You see, I at least make an effort to be intellectually consistent. So, the next time you Democrats want to paint me as being a party hack, like yourself, give pause, think it through, do a little research into my past posts and my Blog page, and then go out to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and pour yourself a nice tall glass of shut the hell up!