Thursday, December 30, 2021

Politics Makes People Stupid

Politics really does make people stupid. Any Republicans remember when the orange guy told you that he was going to "fast track" the vaccine for you, so that the ridiculous regulatory system wouldn't keep it from you for years and years? You sang his praises and called him the greatest president ever. Remember? I remember?


Of course the Democrats, including Biden and that Harris woman exclaimed loud and proud - I'm not going to take that shot if it hasn't been properly tested! And the party faithful fell right in line. Then Biden was put in office and suddenly, to the Democrats, that very same vaccine was just the Bee's knees, wasn't it.

Ah, but then the Republicans also changed their tune, proving that they can be just as partisan and just as.....stupid, as Democrats. In recent news the orange guy has been taking heat from the Republican faithful, those who raised him up as the greatest president ever. They have called him names, they have stripped their support from him, his place as the best among the pantheon of presidents is in jeopardy. Why? Because now the same guy who pushed for fast-tracking, who received so much praise from the Republican party faithful for getting that shot to market faster, has..............taken the shot and is pushing others to do the same.

Do I need to repeat that? Do you understand what is happening? Do you even begin to understand why I so loath party politics? The inconsistencies, the hypocrisies, the double-standards, the lies, the pretzel logic, it is all just too much for me to tolerate, for anyone with a functioning, objective brain, to deal with.

So, to summarize -

Trump says he will fast track vaccine: Democrats hate it, Republicans love it.

Biden in office -

Take the shot: Republicans hate it, Democrats love it.

Trump says he took the shot and you should too: Republicans lose their minds, Democrats are surprised, but now use that to throw in the face of Republicans.

And the madness that is U.S. politics continues unabated. As for me, I know better than to trust those who are pushing this poison and I will not get it, no matter which party pushes it. Beam me up, Scotty.