Friday, December 31, 2021

Are They Really Serious?

The signs that the virus, and our government's approach to it, are just so much bullshit, are all around us. Now bear in mind that the narrative, the daily drumbeat, is that this is the deadliest virus in the history of mankind. Almost a million deaths in the U.S. alone (If you wish to believe the government numbers, and I don't). Lock downs, quarantines, masks, shots, distancing, etc., etc.

So, I go to visit my father today, in a nursing home. As expected we had to wear a mask. OK, their place, their rules, and I know it makes my father feel better. Anyway, we go through the protocol, answer the questions, get our temperature, sign the form, and go in. At the end of our visit, as we are standing at the door of the facility to leave, I ask the receptionist where the Hazmat container is. She gives me the curious dog head tilt, because she can't imagine what I mean by that. I hold the mask out and say, "Well, we're dealing with the deadliest virus ever known to man, you do have a Hazmat container for these quite possibly tainted masks, don't you?" She rolled her eyes and said that I could use the trash can by the door. The trash can was of the small, plastic, bathroom-type, with a trash bag lining it. The can was OVERFLOWING with debris, including other used masks. Now if one has been paying attention to the government/media/big pharma complex throughout the cluster-F that has been the response to the virus, one has heard the doom-sayers and their prognostications of gloom and doom. So, if this is indeed the deadliest virus ever then why all of the exceptions made in dealing with it? Wouldn't you think that these things would be more strictly enforced, for the greater good, of course?

Why the school bands wearing a mask with a HOLE CUT IN IT, so they can play their instruments? Why the lunacy of having to wear a mask from the door of the restaurant to the table, but then you can take and keep it off? WHY no Hazmat containers if this virus is so virulent and so easily transferred to others? And on and on and on....

Could it be, is it just possible, is it beyond the realm of possibilities, that we are simply being lied to and manipulated by people and entities that have been lying to and manipulating us for decades?