Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Book Review: "Weekend Warrior - Over Fifty Years Reliving American History" by Lawrence J. Bopp


Just finished reading "Weekend Warrior - Over Fifty Years of Re-living American History" by Lawrence J. Bopp.

Full disclosure, Larry is an old friend and fellow reenactor, so this review may be a bit biased. What a fun book to read. It did bring back a lot of memories, as many of the people and events that Larry mentions are also known to me. My reenacting friends will enjoy reliving many of these same memories, as well. There were also many surprises, as Larry goes into great detail about incidences during his career and some of his personal life.

Those who have never donned the wool will still enjoy getting insights into what it is that reenactors do and why. Questions about how to get into the hobby, where to get gear/clothing, how to learn from research, etc., are addressed. Not to mention many of the antics that he and his group(s) got into. You see, Larry didn't just do Civil War reenacting. He has portrayed characters from every American war from the Revolution through WWII. While I participated in Civil War reenacting for twenty-years, Larry is still at it, after fifty-years, and still going.

As noted, a fun read and one that reenactors and civilians alike can enjoy.