Monday, September 27, 2021

Book Review: The Problem With Lincoln by Thomas J. DiLorenzo


Book review:

Just finished "The Problem with Lincoln" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. DiLorenzo is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and a retired economics professor after 41-years. This is his third book on Lincoln, having originally started to write about the economic causes of the Civil War and quickly discovering Lincoln's behind the scenes machinations.

Well written and copiously cited, the author goes into great detail about the "real" Lincoln and exposes the "Lincoln myth" for the charade that it was and is. He also brings together today's current all-powerful government with its beginnings during the Lincoln administration. We read about the Corwin Amendment, which was Lincoln's effort to establish that the federal government could NEVER interfere with slavery in the states in which it already existed. We see how Lincoln supported the Fugitive Slave Act, even in Washington, D.C. during the war. We are shown examples of Lincoln's belief that the white race was superior to the black race and he wanted to keep it that way. You will see Lincoln's efforts to keep blacks, slave or free, out of Illinois and his further efforts to repatriate them to Africa or other warm-weather climes.

Lincoln's obfuscation and twisting of logic to claim that the United States was not a "voluntary union," but a consolidated republic, thus eliminating the right of secession is clearly spelled out. In fact, this reader was astounded at the lies told by Lincoln and those who, to this day, supported those lies. The myth of Lincoln "the savior," and how and why that myth came to be, is made clear. If you wonder why we have the big government tyranny that we have now, you can trace it back to Lincoln and the Republicans of the mid-nineteenth century.

This book is recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about their nation's history and those who influenced it. It should open your eyes.