Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Why Do People Believe This Stuff?



As one would expect there has been a recent plethora of campaign commercials for Terry McAwful running on Virginia television stations. Every time I see one I have to suppress the urge to throw a brick through my TV. The lies, the deceit, the double-speak are more than I can stand. It is so blatantly wrong, such obvious pretzel-logic , and yet you know that there are people watching and listening who actually believe his bovine excrement.

There are two lines of propaganda in particular that really get on my last nerve. In one, and there are others discussing education, we see a woman talking about how she is worried about how her child will adapt when he is allowed back in school (Following all this Covid nonsense). And of course the only person who is capable of easing that transition and making our education system the best in the country is..............Terry. This overlooks two very obvious points: 1) Terry was governor before. What did he do then to fix or make better, Virginia's education system? If he had done such a great job then why is it now in need of fixing? And 2) The reason kids have been made to stay at home, do remote learning, and deal with all the setbacks that has created is because of A DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR AND GENERAL ASSEMBLY!!! So, once again we see the democrats (All politicians do this, by the way) applying the Hegelian Dialectic, and we see people falling for it. You know, they create a problem, people suffer, then they, the very people who created the problem, tell you that if you vote for them they will fix the problem, as if they had nothing to do with creating it in the first place. Absolutely amazing!

The second strain of commercials is about employment. Democrats never disappoint when proving they do not understand basic economics, AT ALL! The commercial starts by telling us how so many thousands of Virginians lost their jobs because of Covid. WRONG! They lost their jobs, I will say it again, because of a DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR! Northam shut down businesses in the state, not a virus. Of course Terry's solution is more government, higher minimum wage, and who knows what other liberal, pie in the sky schemes, he will come up with. I'm sure welfare will get a boost, because when the minimum wage goes up a lot of people will lose their jobs and need that assistance, which Terry will be all too willing to provide (Using our money). 

No, my fellow Virginians, all the things he says he will fix have a trail of responsibility that leads back to the democrat party. He talks of creating more jobs, yet before Nothram destroyed Virginia's economy the state was benefiting, as was the nation, from the lowest unemployment numbers in history. Again, we'll break it and then tell you we will fix it, so vote for me, I'll set you free. It truly is frustrating how willfully ignorant so many people are.