Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Ignore the Agitators!

What a great evening! This is why you should not listen to the MSM, this is why you should not listen to politicians, this is why you should not listen to leftist activists, this is why you should not listen to anyone who is actively trying to drive wedges between Americans and separate us and make us hate each other.

Susan and I went to a restaurant at Stony Point Fashion Park tonight to hear a seminar on protecting your retirement money. The talk was an hour long and the food was good. We learned some things that may in fact help us. In that regard, so far so good. Seated at the table with us were another couple. Just retired, wife from China, husband from Vietnam. Both have been here many years and related their story to us. You know me, I had to ask ,"Given where you came from, how do you feel about what you are seeing in America these days?" Neither were happy and told us that was why they were at the seminar, to find ways to protect their money from the political class. Very nice couple and we enjoyed our conversation.

After the meal was finished we decided to walk the mall to help the food settle. As we were walking we couldn't help but notice that we were alone. The place seemed abandoned. This was no doubt due to closing early, because no one can find employees anymore. As we neared one end of the mall we saw a group of four people sitting in some lounge chairs outside CineBistro. Just being silly I said to Susan, loud enough for them to hear, "Look, honey, people!" They laughed, as we did, and extended a hello.

We met two couples. I remember the men's names, as I spent most of my time talking to them, while Susan chatted with the ladies. I met Abram,74 and Tony, who looked to be in his late 30's. Both retired military. They had also been at the seminar, but had come in late and sat behind us, so we didn't see them. We started chatting about the seminar and that led to commentary about life in these United States, which led to some political topics. Abram and Tony never stopped smiling and were just as nice as they could be. Abram in particular had many of the same attitudes and ideas on the current situation as I do. We hit it off quite well. Tony differed on a couple of things, but was pleasant and polite and made his points succinctly and well.

Susan found that she shared some things in common with the women folk, one being their love for yard sales and thrift shopping. The more Abram and I talked the more we found that we shared much in common. Even Tony agreed with much of what we said. We talked for about 40-minutes before Abram's wife reminded him that she had to work tomorrow. At that point we all got up and headed to the parking lot. As we were parked near each other Abram and I continued our conversation as we walked. The more we talked the more we found that we shared many of the same ideas about the state that our country is in and why. Susan, the ladies, and Tony were sharing their own conversation.

As we parted we shook hands and both of us reiterated how much we had enjoyed meeting and sharing our conversation. It was refreshing, stimulating, and made me glad that I gave in to Susan's demands to attend the seminar. I was sorry to have to leave. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Abram, Tony, and the ladies are black? Yeah, the same color that the MSM would have you believe I should hate, just because of their skin color. The same people who I am not supposed to have a conversation with, because we have nothing in common and because white people are all racists. But we were all people who ignore the MSM, the pols, and the activists and simply treat people like.........people!

New friends were made, insights gained, beliefs confirmed, and proof shown that if we ignore the aforementioned agitators and ne'er-do-wells, we can talk, share ideas and beliefs, and show that no matter what your skin color is we can get along with each other, despite what the agitators will tell you. Yes, it was a good night.