Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What Will You Do?

I still know people who will tell me that we need to vote harder next election, we need to get involved, we need to work within the party (Republican) to "fix things." Folks, don't you get it yet? Are you still in the dark? The Republicans are not going to save the country, the Republicans are part of the problem. And now we can plan for the U.S. Congress, with the aid of the White House, to further restrict your rights and take ever more of your freedom and money.

The police are not on your side, the military is "fighting for your freedom" over in the Middle East, while we are losing it here in the states, the media does not keep you informed, the school systems trumpet Marxism at all levels, big corporations hold sway and care more about their profits than they do about you, the "entertainment" industry indoctrinates rather than entertaining, and way too many of our fellow Americans don't think that any of this is a problem. They welcome it, they embrace Marxism, they talk of a color-blind society, while at the same time demanding that you notice everyone's color, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, etc. There is no intellectual consistency, no intellectual honesty, it's all about whatever works for them.

Leftists riot, loot, burn, vandalize and assault with impunity, but anyone who stands for the opposite of what they promote is quashed, attacked, arrested, and put down by the government's enforcers. If you speak of things like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom, or liberty you are labeled a "radical." If you choose to exercise one of your rights you are an instigator, a troublemaker. While those who speak of collectivism, Marxism, governmental authority, and the like are lionized as the enlightened among us. And all the while we sit back and wait for someone else to save us.

We have petitioned, we have protested, we have carried signs, made speeches, written letters, done vehicle caravan protests, gotten involved in the party, some have run for office, and many have voted in every election, but here we are. Do any of you STILL think that your "party" is going to save you? The country? What has your party done in the last 20 years that makes you cling to that belief? Our election system is severely compromised. We see the evidence ourselves, our commonsense screams that there is something wrong, the videos are out there for anyone who cares to look at them, and yet your party has shown no courage to stand up and do the right thing, AT ALL! Certainly some individuals have stepped up, but where are the leaders? Where are those with the power to get things done? Why is no one charged, arrested, and prosecuted for the obvious crimes and TREASON that is right in front of us?

You vote, you complain, you petition, you protest, you call on the police and the military, yet here we are. I speak for myself, and only myself, when I say that the time for peaceful redress is over. Those who would take our rights and our freedoms have shown that they do not shy away from using force and intimidation, with the blessing and cooperation of the government, and I submit that the time has come to stop taking it. A lot of you talk about the Second Amendment and why we have it. You revere our Founding and subsequent generations who stood and made the ultimate sacrifice to achieve freedom for themselves and their posterity. Now I ask, "WHAT WILL YOU DO?!"