Wednesday, January 13, 2021

How Do You Compromise with Tyranny?

Tell me,how do you find common ground with people who seek to take away your money and your freedom? Seriously! How do you do that? You see, I, and others like me, do not seek your subjugation. We do not seek to force you, through the power of law and the force of law-enforcement, to live your life as we want you to. We do not call for ever more laws in an effort to force you to change who and what you are or how you do things. We believe in freedom, personal liberty, and as long as you do not harm others or infringe on their rights then have at it.

But the left in this country, and the right, in its own way(s), seeks something altogether different. More laws each year to force you to comply with someone elses idea of how you should live your life. More taxes and fees that take more of your money, thus restricting your freedom and ability to buy the things you want. And after you have lived a long life and saved lots of money to leave for your kids, or whomever you choose, the government swoops in and takes half of it before they ever see it. Explain to me how that is freedom.

Laws that restrict so many of your movements and daily efforts at life that no one can possibly keep up with them all. Hell, the police, the very people charged with ENFORCING those laws, don't even know or understand them all. Judges, lawyers, magistrates of every type must call for a recess, so they can go and consult their texts to see if they are on the right track. Para-legals do research to find out all the laws that apply to a particular case. And all the while you keep telling yourself - I live in a free country. How do you find "common ground" with people who advocate for such things?

I will not try to be nice to or understanding of anyone who seeks to take away my freedom and rights under any guise for any reason. Those people are my enemies and enemies are to be defeated. Does that sound harsh? Do you think I go too far? Then stop and think about what "those people" are trying to do to you. Are they being too harsh? Are they going "too far?" Do you even care about freedom? I mean freedom for everyone, not just you. At some point you are going to have to deal with reality. The reality is that once freedom is lost you don't get it back by "asking for it." All the begging and pleading and petitioning in the world means nothing to tyrants. And the "tyranny of good intentions" is still tyranny, no matter how you slice it.