Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Painting With A Broad Brush

Racism and painting everyone who is not black as a racist has proven to be a beneficial ploy for the left in this country. This goes back to the antebellum days and slavery in America. An institution that saw NORTH and South participating in its growth and spread. Whose ships do you think brought the slaves across the Atlantic? Who do you think sold or traded Africans, captured in tribal warfare, to those slavers? Do you dare find out? Are you even interested in the truth?

The claim that the war was fought over slavery and that all white Southerners were "fighting for slavery" indicates a real lack of knowledge of that time period. I could try to explain it here, but that would take way too much typing. I recently made/posted a video covering some of this, maybe you should watch it. Until you decide to further educate yourself on that era in our history, rather than believing a TV talking head or a school textbook, I will leave you with this.

According to the 1860 (Year before the war began) U.S. Census, not the Confederate Census, the UNITED STATES Census, there were 8 million white people living in what would become the Confederate states. Of that 8 million 385,000 owned slaves. Do the math. That is 4.8%. LESS than 5%. So, according to our contemporary history "PhD's" that means that ALL Southerners were fighting for slavery. You need to stop and actually think about that for a moment. Think of how today's media and politicians tell you things and do things and make decisions for you that you DISAGREE with. For example, we have been in Afghanistan for almost 20-years now. Do you agree with that? Does the fact that politicians made that decision and stand by it mean that YOU are responsible and willing to stand by it? Think about it.

To say that slavery was THE issue and that all Southerners were fighting to preserve it shows an egregious lack of history knowledge. My point is that there was plenty of blame to go around regarding slavery in the Americas, both for black and white, North and South. If you are going to destroy our nation's history based on your hatred of those involved then you're going to have to destroy a hell of a lot more than just Confederate statues. If you want to hate, if hating makes you feel better or special, then nothing I can say is going to change your mind. But if you do care about the truth and facts and "getting it right," then maybe some of what I say may encourage you to dig deeper. That is my hope.