Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Be Careful What You Wish For

I see it. I wonder how many others see it? I especially wonder how many liberals are willing to open their eyes and see it?

We hear a lot from the left about "fairness" and "Equal" and "Tolerance," but they obviously don't mean that. They are not looking for equality or fairness, they are looking for, in their eyes, revenge. They seem to think that by destroying any vestiges of our national past that they will make all things right again. It is as if they believe that the black man was never a slave, sold into slavery by his own people, if they can hide monuments and destroy history. You would think that they intend to return the land to the Indians and further return it to its pristine wilderness of thousands of years ago.

They say they hate walls, but the first thing the enlightened progressives of "CHAZ" did a wall. They act as if they hold some moral high ground, they are superior beings worthy of leadership roles, because they yell louder and throw bricks farther. They call people they don't like NAZIs, while they themselves exhibit the very behavior of Hitler's Brown Shirts or Stalin's Secret Police. They are as little children who think if they pull the covers over their heads, and purposely blind themselves, that there will be no boogeymen to be afraid of.

They speak of Freedom of Speech, but only theirs. No one else has that right, especially if it disagrees with them. They think as a mob, act as a mob, cannot be reasoned with, and if you dare question them or point out their actions as being wrong or irrational, they label you a racist or worse and shut you down. They tell us they seek change and sadly they are being allowed to achieve that change through less than peaceful or rational means. Our governors, mayors, and police chiefs are afraid to confront these scofflaws, for fear that they, too, will receive some unenviable sobriquet. Irrational mob mentality on one side and cowardice on the other. What could go wrong?

I would ask them and their supporters to read about a historical period called the French Revolution. This goes back a few years, but it is very relevant to today's events. A people seeking "change" and more autonomy, and rightly so, fought against the powers that ruled over them. Their efforts met with success, as they toppled the "ruling class" and were able to "begin anew." Ah, but life can throw us a curve ball when we least expect it. Things don't always go as planned. This, in spite of ones best efforts. These newly free Frenchmen had released a monster of their own making. A new ruler, one that they themselves had propped up, took over and began to create yet another tyranny of evil. It seemed, as it often does, that the new ruler was concerned only with his desires and wants and needs. His supporters, those who had put him in his new position, found that they were now "HIS" subjects and would suffer at his hands.

We have already seen examples of this in the newly formed "CHAZ" in Seattle, Washington.It seems that the age old story of "power corrupting" holds true, even for "enlightened" progressives. I would ask those of you liberals out there who are still willing to look and see and think, are these the people you want running things? Are the politicians who are making excuses for bad behavior the kind of people you think are mature and rational enough to be leading the country, your state, your city? Be aware of the consequences of ones actions, as those actions can lead to further discord and retaliation and thus, another French Revolution or civil war.

Be careful what you wish for.