Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Don't like America then Leave

YES! There are absolutely those among us who hate this nation. There are more than a few of them serving in our elected Congress, elected by people who also hate America. People who have either been successfully indoctrinated by our public school system or purposely duped into coming here for "free stuff."
These people wish to fundamentally change what the United States is and was meant to be. Freedom and responsibility do not enter into the equation. Whether it is the right seeking to make us subjects of the military industrial complex or the left wanting the government to be everyone's sugar-daddy, neither promotes the idea of individual liberty. Both seek to establish its own voting block of minions who want what their party has to offer them. Keep giving me what I want and I will keep voting for you. Both fail to see the end game of such a plan. No freedom, but also no responsibility.
I hear people say that "If you don't like the way things are then leave." If I did that then the only people left would be those who seek to destroy the American experiment. Do things need to be fixed? Of course they do and in all those cases the problems are of our own making. If we have not outright participated in creating the problem(s) we continue to vote for those who do. So, there is no escaping the fact that many of us have helped to create these problems.
Ah, but what to do? Acquiring a deeper, better understanding of what the vision for this country was would be helpful. But, that understanding will not come from the education factory in this country. That system has been designed and has been quite successful in creating an ignorant, dependent class that the government can take full advantage of. Just look around you, listen to the way people talk and what they talk about. To them freedom means more government largess, not the responsibility for their own lives.
I have come to accept that such individual liberty will not come to pass in my lifetime. The damage done is too severe and too entrenched. I also do not believe that voting is going to fix it. As long as voters remain ignorant and selfish they will continue to vote for ignorant and selfish people. No, just as our nation was founded through the conflagration of revolution, I believe that any chance at reestablishing that concept and making it come to pass will also have to come through revolution of the most violent kind.
There are already those groups out there who seek change through violence. I submit that their idea of change is for the worse, not the better. Either we desire liberty or we are willing to accept what others foist upon us. I know where I stand.