Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How Do They Do It?

How could they do it? What would allow a human being to justify enslaving another human being or systematically killing millions of other human beings? This question has been asked since the human animal began walking upright. Throughout history one race or another has sought to eradicate those whom they deemed a threat, in one way or another.

I find it fascinating, as a sociologist, and frankly I know how it can be done. I have read too many accounts to not have been able to figure it out. The simplicity of it is not surprising at all. The first step is to "dehumanize" those you wish to eradicate. Any race that has enslaved another took the first step of making sure that their fellows thought of that other race as "less than human." Even today, in AFRICA, Muslims enslave fellow Africans, if those Africans are not also Muslim, thus less than human. White Europeans and Americans were able to enslave black Africans by, in part, convincing themselves that while black men/women kind of looked like humans, they really weren't, not in the sense that white people are human. White Americans found it easy to justify stealing Indian land, relocating entire tribes, and then wantonly murdering them, because, after all, Indians were not real humans, not like white people.

See the pattern? History is replete with other examples. Thus I find today's American politics amazing in its short-sighted, partisan, overly politicized ignorance and hate. ESPECIALLY FROM THE LEFT/DEMOCRATS. Ask any liberal how they feel about such past transgressions of one human against another, and step back and be prepared to be inundated with their thoughts on how evil such behavior was and is. Hell, ask any liberal how they feel about, oh say whalers killing whales or seal hunters clubbing seals to death. You know what kind of response you will get.

Now, having read and absorbed the above, ask yourself, "How do liberals justify killing babies, even after they are just born?" It's easy, dehumanize them. They are not real, viable human beings, therefore you are not really killing anything important. You are not taking a real life (Compare that attitude to the above mentioned ANIMALS). The very people who complain that those of us who are not as "enlightened" as they are have offered laws to exterminate HUMAN babies, both in and out of the womb, and to exterminate the elderly, when they no longer have what the liberals consider a good "quality of life."

These people, who will demand the removal of your Second Amendment rights if a nut case kills someone with a gun, have no problem with killing innocents, who have done no harm to anyone. They seem to have quite an affinity for death, as long as they get to choose who dies. You have seen me lament the lack of intellectual honesty and consistency in our culture before, but liberals take the cake.