Sunday, December 2, 2018

Stop Believing the Lies

The "Global Warming/Climate Change" hacks have been telling us for years that the water is going to rise (It was ALREADY supposed to have happened - REMEMBER?!). I am old enough to remember when, in the 1970's, we were about to have an ice age. Anyone else remember the Time Magazine cover (There were several)?
Every single one - EVERY SINGLE ONE - of the predictions of gloom and doom have passed with none of them happening.

I cannot for the life of me understand how ordinarily intelligent, or seemingly so, people can buy these obvious and blatant lies. These are people who, on any other occasion and regarding any other issue will tell you that they do not TRUST the government. Yet the government is pushing this narrative of gloom and doom and these people lap it up like a dog at his water bowl on a July day. I have talked to such people, I have asked them directly, "Do you trust our government?" I have yet to hear one of them answer in the affirmative. Yet they buy this crap lock, stock, and barrel.

They cite "government reports" or "government studies" that "prove" their assertions. This alone should show you the depth of their ignorance and their willing desire to remain ignorant. You must first understand what motivates government. It is really quite simple; Money and power! From power comes control and the government wants that control. Governments throughout history have lied and manipulated in order to gain control and the U.S. government is no exception. I could cite numerous examples, but even the climate change believers know this to be true.

Now then, if I want money and control I must first convince the populace that there is a danger that only government can fix. In order to be able to fix the problem the government will only need two things; POWER/CONTROL and MONEY! More laws restricting your freedom and more money out of your paycheck. So, I contract with certain people, through grants and loans, to do "studies" to help bolster my position. These "scientists" need money, they have bills to pay, as well. Scientists seldom get that kind of money, so they are quite happy to take it and to assure that more is forthcoming they will tell the "grantor" what it wants to hear. They know that a certain number of people are going to believe it, because it is coming from the government. Now the seeds have been planted and the government just waits and keeps pushing the narrative. Ultimately the hope is that you will give over your freedom and money voluntarily, because of your fear, the fear that THEY created.

This is nothing new, just a different topic/issue. I remain amazed at the number of people who actually believe the government lies. You have been used, duped, manipulated, lied to all by the same government that you don't trust regarding ANY OTHER ISSUE, but you have bought into this lie. Why?
A video you should watch. ***LANGUAGE WARNING***