Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Is This Not Your Natural State?

I have posted this video before, but I will continue to do so, as the situation dictates. Yes, I know it is from a movie, sci-fi/adventure movie, but the words, the words have meaning, You see, it is there, right in front of us, yet many choose to pretend it is not so. I see examples of it every day. I saw another just this day.

People WANT to be ruled!

Listen to the words from the video. JUST LISTEN! Now this does not apply to everyone. There are those of you here, on my FB page, whom I would not list among those desirous of being a subject, but sadly far too many Americans do feel this way. In fact, based on what I see and hear, I think it is a majority of Americans.

It comes from both ends of the political spectrum. Neither side is unaffected by it. Oh sure, they would choose different rulers and for different reasons, but they both want to be ruled. After all, it's easier than freedom, isn't it? Just wake up each day, do what you are told, don't think outside the prescribed box(es), collect the allowance you are given and start all over again the next day. No need to think too hard, no responsibility, someone else will take care of you and yours, just contribute to the power of the ruler(s), knowing he/she/they will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. What could be easier?

Then along comes a trouble-maker. Some guy or gal who tries to rock the boat of contented subjugation. Do the masses awaken and see the light? Do they grow angry with the ruling class for subjugating them? No! They get angry at the guy/gal who is trying to wake them up. How dare you speak of freedom and individual liberty? You ungrateful wretch!

This is just one of many reasons why I believe that the only way we will ever have any hope of achieving the liberty envisioned by our Founders is to see another "3%" revolution. I hope that I am wrong, but alas, I see nothing to convince me that I am.

In this article the author states that "Victims of oppression are unwittingly complicit in their own oppression." I respectfully disagree. I believe that most Americans are quite happily and knowingly complicit in their own subjugation. As long as they are fed and can watch their favorite sportsball team then everything is just hunky-dory.