Monday, November 5, 2018

Do They Even Understand Economics?

I know, I know, we should be more civil. We should be nice to one another. Well, I tried that for many years. I tried having civil discourse, using reason and logic, trying to reach a consensus, but it just doesn't work when you are dealing with stupid people. When they have nothing to offer, when they can't debate on the merits or facts, they just call you names and try to shout you down. My patience with that bullshit ran out a long time ago.

There is no excuse for the stupidity I see out there. I used to accept that people can be ignorant of something, because they just haven't learned it yet, but times have changed. We live in an information age, where anything you want to know is at your fingertips. A few clicks on a computer and education is right there on the screen and through your speakers. Ahh, but why learn something that will disturb, maybe even destroy your worldview? You believe something to be true, you do not want to have that belief proven wrong, so you choose not to learn anything that might refute it. This is the case with liberals and economics today.

Listen, I am going to break this down for you and try to make it as simple as possible. Once again we see idiots like Schumer catering to his base, by promising to "stick it" to the big corporations. he wants to "punish" them for making too much money and not paying enough taxes. I have even seen liberals who have or have had their own business buy into this insanity and they should know better.
OK, here goes; The ABC Company makes widgets. They sell so many widgets in a year that they make a very good profit. They pay the prescribed current tax rate on their income. Ah, but some politicians and the useful idiots who support them don't think the company pays enough, so the politicians dutifully seek to increase the tax rate on companies like The ABC Company. Let us say that this time the liberals get their way and the corporation has to pay a higher tax. Great, say the liberals, that will show them. But, the ABC Company did not get to be where they are by being poor businessmen...or stupid. They know that they can still sell widgets because lots of people and other businesses need widgets. What to do?

Cut back on production? That may ultimately have to be done if sales drop. Lower the price on widgets? No, that is not going to bring more money into the company's coffers. What else could they possibly do? I know - RAISE PRICES! Of course! There are still people who need the widgets and they will buy them. There will be others who will not be able to afford them and they won't buy them. By not buying them their own business, which needs the widgets, will suffer. People will have to be let go, the business may even go under. Those individuals who buy widgets may or may not continue to buy them, but if they do they will pay a higher price so that The ABC Company protects its own profits and business model.

In the end who is actually suffering because of the liberal desire to "punish" the mean old corporation? That's right, boys and girls, you and I, the consumer, suffers. We suffer by paying higher prices and we suffer when businesses that can no longer afford the cost of the widgets have to close, thus putting people out of work. Ah, but that is the insidious plan, isn't it? If they no longer have a job they will seek help from the government and the government, especially liberals, wants that dependence. If you depend on the government to take care of you then you are more likely to vote for liberals, right?

This is economics broken down to its most basic parts. It is so simple that even middle and high school students can understand it when it is presented to them. Thus, we are to draw only two possible conclusions from this continued willful ignorance by liberal adults; 1) They really are that stupid and not capable of grasping the concept of economics or 2) They know exactly what they are doing and it serves their agenda.

Which do you think it is?