Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Virginia GOP Down in Flames

By Floyd Bayne

May I speak frankly? I mean very, very frankly? Of course I may, this is my page. Get ready.
Disclaimer: I am not a member of any political party and am not advocating for any particular party. My statements are based on my desire to live the vision of our Founding Fathers, as a free man, in a free country. A man who can exercise his freedom in any manner he chooses, as long as he harms no others and does not infringe on their rights. A man who believes that the fruits of his labor are his and his alone. Not the governments or any other person or group of people. A man who recognizes and is willing to accept the consequences of his actions. A man who cares not what party you claim to represent, but cares what your principles are and how you reference free men their rights.
That said, let's begin.
Tonight's results will have Republicans once again pointing fingers at any and everyone seeking to lay blame for another astounding defeat. You have to wonder how a party with a creed that spells out freedom and fiscal responsibility can be so far from actually implementing those things. You voted for Trump, even though he is not a true Republican, because he was not part of "the swamp." He was an "outsider" who was going to be a breath of fresh air in politics. But in all other elections, you keep voting for more swamp monsters. You offer up shit for candidates and then wonder, seriously wonder, why no one wants to go vote for them.
Let's wait until the numbers are all in and see how many R's did not vote this time. When you see that the number is high then you have to ask yourself, "Why?" If this race was so important and if there was such a stark and obvious difference between the candidates, why did so many R's stay at home? But you won't ask and you won't look into it, because you don't really want to know the answer. You are afraid you won't like what you see, what you have to admit to yourself, what you must come to grips with. Introspection and self-analysis are not easy, but if you hope to make real, effective changes it is necessary.
And Lord help the man or woman who suggests that you might want to look at other choices (Libertarians or Independents) who are concerned more with the Constitution and freedom than they are about a political party. You get angry with them, you challenge their patriotism, you call them names, you even question their sanity. You question THEIR sanity, when it is you who keeps DOING THE SAME THING ELECTION AFTER ELECTION and getting the same shit for results.
Republican voters, it is time, if it ever was time, to start looking elsewhere. I mean seriously, for the love of sanity, what is it going to take to wake you up?! Don't you dare talk to me about continuing to "work from the inside" and "getting involved" in the process, while you keep offering up the same milquetoast, spineless, feckless, lying, party hacks every election. State or federal, when Republicans are in charge have you seen government get any smaller? Have you seen government spending less money? Have you seen government giving up any of its power over your life? GET A CLUE!

As for the Democrats among us - They will be celebrating tonight. They can now poke Republicans on FaceBook and in chatrooms and in street demonstrations and say, "SEE! We won! Our party won!" Yes, a party won. A political entity whose primary goal is the acquisition of more power and money (As they both are) has won and you get to gloat for four years. But freedom has not won. Personal liberty has not won. Democrats are just as myopic, partisan, and incapable of thinking things through as their Republican counterparts. They care only about their party and being able to wag a finger at the loser and yell "neener neener neener," like a six-year old on the playground.

At no point do any Democrats look around them and ask, "Why hasn't any of this worked before now?" They don't want to contemplate how all the $Billions of dollars taken from working Americans over the years and given to "the poor" has not done thing one to eradicate poverty or bring people out of the ghetto and into the suburbs. If they think about it at all it is only to tell us that "we just haven't spent enough money yet." More laws to create "equality" has only served to drive more wedges between us. More money spent on "fighting poverty" sees the same percentage of blacks in this country STILL living in poverty as they were fifty-years ago. More money, more laws That's the answer. And so, in Virginia, we'll see four more years of that sort of thinking trying to be implemented, and people will not be brought out of poverty, equality will not be achieved as a result of government efforts, and we will be less, not more, free.

So, you party faithful just keep doing what you're doing, keep on beating up on each other and leaving the rest of us to deal with the fallout, keep on extolling the virtues of your party, while freedom, both personal and economic, continues to fade away. After all, it's not about the state or the country, it's about your party. Right?