Monday, March 14, 2022

Lots of LIars and Propaganda

As I have mentioned before, my wife likes to have the TV news on when she is cooking, to listen to the world events. Usually it is on NBC. Tonight Lester Holt and the field reporter were lamenting the "Russian disinformation/propaganda" that they claim is so prevalent today. One of the specific "false Russian reports" is the news that Ukraine has Biological Research Facilities in their country (Of course our CIA has nothing to do with any of that 🙄). The NBC reporter made it quite clear that this was just Russian propaganda and news manipulation designed to justify their efforts in Ukraine. The reporter, government officials, and others interviewed stated that those spreading this "disinformation" should be held to account. I agree, anyone lying to the citizens of the United States should be held to account.

Now then, let's look at who the liars are. I am including in this post a video clip of our own Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, as she testified before a Senate subcommittee. Compare that to the clip (Also included) from tonight's edition of NBC Nightly News (Move to the 13:57 mark on the time line). So, who is lying? Who is spreading propaganda and false news? Who needs to be punished? Note that in both clips we are hearing from U.S. government officials. Either a) Some one is lying or b) Someone doesn't know what the hell they are talking about, or both. Which do you think it is?

The bottom line for me is this -

You may be an idiot if:

1. You think the MSM in the U.S. doesn't lie to you on the regular.
2. You think the MSM in the U.S. doesn't propagandize every day.
3. You think we should get involved in another country's war.
4. You think your own government doesn't lie to you on the regular.
5. You think your own government doesn't propagandize you every day.

Seriously, how much evidence of lying and propaganda does it take before you begin to see it?