Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Transparency is Stunning

This video covers a lot of things that I have been trying to get people to think about for the past two years. I know that many of you just don't want to think about it, but whether you like it or not I have been proven right.

First let me say that I wish Tucker would stop referring to our country as a "democracy," it is not. We are a REPUBLIC! A Constitutional Republic. That needs to be said and often. As for the rest of the video he is right on. Did you notice who was arresting people for violating tyrannical orders? Do you still believe that the police are there for YOUR protection? I know this bothers you, that you don't like to have this pointed out to you, but you are simply going to have to deal with reality at some point. The police do not protect who you think they protect.

Notice the drones being used to spy on American citizens? Remember when I told you this was going to happen, but you called me a paranoid conspiracy nut? Yeah, well, if you have the stones to do so I'll accept your apology in the comment section. Are you even remotely beginning to see how urge to tyranny takes hold at even the smallest level of government? School boards that think they have powers that were never given to them. Do you still wish to believe that teacher's unions give a single sh*t about students? And by the way, why do we allow public sector workers, paid with our tax dollars, to even have a union?

Are you not yet able to see the transparency of who these people really are? Suddenly all these democrats trying to convince us that "the science has changed?" It's just a mere coincidence that this is a mid-term election year and the polling shows that the democrats are going to take a hit. But if you're a republican I wouldn't get too excited. Your party has proven that it is nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards, who merely go along to get along. As long as I keep my position and its perks then it's all good. And Victor Davis Hanson makes an excellent point. We need to break up these bureaucratic monopolies. If a business in the private sector held the kind of monopoly that our government does you would demand that it be broken up right away. Why then do you tolerate this from people who have the desire to run your lives, to your own detriment?

Maybe it's time to admit that this experiment in self-government has failed. There are obviously far too many Americans who are scared to death of freedom and the responsibilities that entails.