Monday, January 3, 2022

When the News Lies

I swear I am going to need a new TV if I keep listening to the news. My wife likes to have the TV on the news when she is cooking, so she can find out what is happening in the World. Yes, I have tried to explain to her that she is getting a slanted, dare I say - Tainted, view of things, but that is her choice. Especially now that we have stopped our subscription to the Richmond Times-Dispatch after 30+ years. Although it has become quite the rag in recent years, she liked the ads and the coupons for shopping. But, at almost $500 a year now it just is not worth it.

Anyway, as you might expect NBC, those paragons of objective journalism, had a story about "domestic extremism." Now I'll give you just a brief moment to try and figure out who they were talking about. *Cue the Jeopardy theme song* If you said BLM or Antifa you are way off base. Nope, today's "extremists" are those who protest in favor of liberty. Those at school board meetings or at the local seat of government or at state capitals who march and speak and demand that government mind its own damn business, they are the extremists. And if I hear one more ass hat TV reporter call the January 6, 2020 protests at the nation's capital an "Insurrection" I'm going to throw something at my TV.

Hey, news flash, super geniuses, THAT was NOT an Insurrection. I wish it had been, I might have attended. Now there were certainly those who went too far and some of the days events were indeed "riotous," but an insurrection? Hardly. But there it is, your proof that our nation's news media has an agenda and they will not let facts get in the way of advancing it. I can only hope that one day, sooner rather than later, we will learn the truth of that day's events and EXACTLY who was involved in its formation.

Remember the majority of the year 2020, when Antifa and BLM, and liberal activists of every stripe were in the streets burning, looting, vandalizing, and assaulting/killing? I remember. I also remember that the same news media that is now labeling those who protest for liberty as "extremists" or "insurrectionists," simply referred to the left's efforts as "mostly peaceful protests." Anyone else remember? The media also told us that those riots were justified, as the people were frustrated and felt that they were "not being heard." Well, guess what, that frustration can apply to others, as well. Do you think that those who love and desire liberty are not frustrated right now? Do you think that they feel that they are being "heard?"

I would be real careful just how far you push those people, because they have something that your friends on the left don't, and they know how to use it.