Friday, September 17, 2021

Time for a Foreign Policy Change?

So, now comes news that a late August drone strike against what we were told was a group of terrorists was, in fact, just a group of civilians, including children. And our military leaders have the nerve to tell us that they are standing by the intelligence that led to this mistake, even though it has been described as "a mistake."

Of course, as one would expect, democrats are twisting themselves into all kinds of knots trying to excuse this away, while republicans are jumping all over it, like a frog on a June Bug. In the meantime the reality of why so many in the Middle East hate us and fight us will be overlooked, again. You see, this is nothing new, and don't you dare act like you don't know it. U.S. foreign policy has been meddling in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries for decades, at least as far back as the end of WWII.

I could run down a list of examples, but you are capable of looking them up and, in fact, probably remember several examples yourself. The deposing of Mohammed Mossadegh, the popular, elected leader of the Iranian parliament, enabling the U.S. installation of the Shah of Iran, a U.S. puppet, is just one example. This has been going on through several administrations, both republican and democrat, with each blaming the other for any missteps along the way. It made for a great campaign issue, dontchaknow.

Along the way the U.S. has removed duly elected leaders to replace them with puppets that we control. People have been killed, many of them innocent civilians who cared not a whit for the international politics and intrigue, but just wanted to live their lives in peace, as you do. Do you really wonder why they hate us? Is it really a mystery why they fight/attack us? Put yourself in their place and imagine China occupying our country, as we occupy theirs. Look at how angry many of you are because of what you see as China's meddling in our election/affairs. Why do you think that we, as Americans, have some sort of monopoly on righteous indignation?

This is the natural and expected result of not minding ones own damn business. Instead of a foreign policy of friendship to all and leading by example, our nation has chosen to impose itself on others, all while condemning other nations that do the same thing. You cannot act surprised or indignant when people treat you the same way you would treat them, were they doing to you what we are doing to them. It is time we, Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever you call yourself, establish a foreign policy that many of our Founding Fathers envisioned - Friendly relations with all, entangling alliances with none.