Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Who Is Really Promulgating "Fake News?"


In case you still harbor any doubts about how insidious and evil what we are experiencing really is, I offer the following.

Many of you recall the s***storm that was created when Orange Man said that Hydroxychloroquine could quite ably fight off the Covid virus and help victims get well quickly. I remember. I remember that the usual suspects, because of their blind hatred for the OM, just decided that anything he said had to be wrong, without any evidence to support their denunciations. He said it, we hate him, so it is wrong. That was it.

Of course in the intervening months we have learned more about that drug, its effectiveness, its many years of use, and the number of doctors who used it to treat their patients with great success. All of which is still talked down and lied about by the left. THEN we learned that The "Virology Journal," a publication of the National Institutes of Health, headed by one Dr. Anthony Fauci, had actually published a peer-reviewed article about the EFFECTIVENESS of Chloroquine in fighting SARS and other respiratory illnesses. I have included the link to that issue.

Rather than admit that the drug works, was extolled by the NIH, and helped thousands of people overcome Covid, the left continued to, and STILL continues to, lie about it. One cannot help but draw the conclusion that there are those in our government, big pharma, and the media, who are simply OK with people dying rather than admit they were wrong about something, just because the OM said it was good. You still doubt me?

I have also included links to a couple of the most oft cited, by the left, "fact checkers." Politifact and snopes. Please note that even while you read the very issue of the "Virology Journal," in which the virtues of Chloroquine are explained to you, these "fact checkers" are telling you that you didn't really read what you just read. Can you even begin to imagine the Chutzpah it takes to do that? These same people demand that "fake news," which of course means anything they don't approve of, be erased from any and every venue in which you may see and read it, while they themselves promulgate fake news. The absolute, unmitigated gall of such people is staggering.

So, while you and I try to gather as much information as we can, good, factual information, we are told that what we believe is fake news. In the meantime you read an article from the NIH and the left tells you that you didn't really see what you just saw. And we're the crazy ones? These people are evil incarnate. You know I am not a religious man, but I do know there is good and evil in this world, and if I haven't just described evil to you then I just don't know what evil is.