Friday, August 6, 2021

Time to Get Real


OK, time to stop tiptoeing around this. The time for action, REAL action, is now! With the governments new found concern for our safety and health I propose the following:

As heart disease is the number one killer of Americans the government should immediately pass laws banning any and all fast food restaurants, any type of foods that are known to lead to heart disease, all tobacco products, having children should be prohibited, any and all loud noises should be banned, basically anything that has been proven to lead to heart disease should be banned and violators should face stiff fines and jail time.

As cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in America I further propose a ban on any and all carcinogens. Alcohol should be illegal to produce, possess, and drink. Anyone who is obese, according to their Body Mass Index, should face fines or jail time. While in jail their diet will be controlled by the state in order to bring their weight down. Citizen's diets are to be strictly regulated and enforced by the government, so as to reduce the risk of cancer. Processed food and meats are to be prohibited.

Again, a whole list of potential heart disease-causing and cancer-causing agents/carcinogens can and must be prohibited by government action in order to prevent any further deaths of Americans. This is for our own good and should be accepted in that spirit. I hope you agree and will work with me to convince our ruler.....elected representatives to do what is best for the good health of society at large.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.