Friday, July 23, 2021

The Scare Tactics Continue


Your government has known for some time now how easy you are to manipulate with the right lies. The past 18-months has only served to embolden it, and has truly pleased the government's owners in big pharma. Having further proof of how easily you can be duped and used they have no desire to give that up now. However, we, the citizenry, also have access to information and we know the history of governments, even our own, when it comes to lies and manipulation.

Many, who are still capable of independent thought, are questioning the narrative put forth by big pharma through our government. The big lie is not working on everyone as well as the government/big pharma would like. Repeating the same lie is not working as well as it did a few months ago. What to do? Ah yes, a new boogeyman! A new scare tactic is what is needed. And the government/big pharma have the solution (Just do as you're told, give them more power/money, and everything will be alright).

Monkey pox! Ever heard of that one before? It's making the circuit on the evening news now. It has suddenly reared its ugly head after all these many years. Oh yes, I'm sure it has been a thing in some other countries, but how odd that we have NEVER had it here in the U.S. before. 🙄 But it's here now, right? I can hear many of you right now, "There goes Floyd with his conspiracy theories again," Maybe, maybe not. How does that saying go, "What;s the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality? About 6-months."

Given what we know about whom we are dealing with, our government, big pharma, and the mainstream media, have we not been here before? While they continue to push their narrative there are others who are doing investigative work, as you read this, to discover what is really going on. I am simply willing to go out on a limb and say it now, because I am familiar with whom we are dealing with. It is going to be real interesting to find out, and we will find out, exactly how the Monkey Pox suddenly appeared in the U.S. after all these years. If you think this is just happenstance, simply a freak accident, merely a careless tourist, then you are exactly the kind of person that your government counts on.

We shall see.