Wednesday, April 7, 2021

What's the Excuse Now?


I realize that many of the questions that I ask seem to annoy people. Some people, even seem to get really angry with me for daring to ask them. But I listen to what they say, read what they write, see what they do, and I will not pretend that those things are not, in most cases, just hypocritical and downright stupid. I will point them out as such, whether people like it or not.

As an example; over the past several years we have seen the move to cancel our nation's history. Removing statues/monuments has been at the top of the list for some in America. When you or I ask, "Why?" we are called racists, hate-mongers, white supremacists, and other choice names. You've seen them. Maybe they have even been directed at you. They certainly have been at me. On the flip side, when we ask "Why do you want them removed?" we are given a plethora of inane answers. The fact that those statues/monuments have been in place for over 100-years, with no problems, seems lost on them. It is only in recent years that those markers have been a problem.

So, what is that problem? We are told that they remind people of our nation's racist past, that they cause stress and uneasiness when viewed, that they cause depression, oppression, and just generally make people feel bad about the world around them. You have seen the excuses, you are familiar with them. OK, so in many cities across the nation these "reminders" have been removed (Yet these same people still want to build "slavery museums," you know, so they don't forget about our racist past). Here in Richmond, VA, the old Capital of the Confederacy, the only two remaining, and you correct me if I am wrong, are Robert E. Lee and A.P. Hill. Lee remains, because lawsuits have been filed to stop the removal. Hill remains, because his statue stands over his grave.

With me so far? Now then, if you live in the Richmond area you have no doubt noted the daily news stories of yet another shooting in the city or its nearby environs. We know these neighborhoods from such occurrences in the past. The shootings/deaths are, as always, senseless and benefit only the undertakers. Yet there they are. Now I was told, I read, that once the statues/monuments of our racist past were removed that this would stop. That black men and women would feel safer, would BE safer. Did you get the same impression?

Meanwhile the shootings/killings continue unabated, in fact, in Richmond it would seem that they have increased. Are the two remaining statues responsible for this? Are these shootings being perpetrated by racist white supremacists? Is the biggest threat to the black man in this country really racist white people or rogue cops? You know the answer to that. The real threat, the BIGGEST threat to the lives and safety of black Americans is............OTHER BLACK AMERICANS. But don't take my word for this, just take the time to look up the crime statistics for our nation and you'll see who kills more black men/women in this country.

Now please understand, I am in no way excusing those shootings/killings that are unjustly and illegally perpetrated by the aforementioned racists or cops, but damn, can we, as the young folks say, be real? Removing the statues/monuments has done NOTHING to ameliorate the shootings/killings in our nation's black communities. All the reasons we were given for the need to remove them was just so much political bull sh*t. Well, the left, BLM. Antifa, and the usual suspects in the media got what they wanted, so now what's their excuse?