Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Manipulation Continues


OK, so now we have seamlessly moved from "The shooter is a white Trump supporter" to "Well, yeah, he is a Muslim, BUT he is mentally ill." The media and the pols must be very disappointed. Of course those who jumped right to the white man conclusion have offered no apologies, and I am not surprised.

A couple of things stand out for me and I wonder if any of you have noticed, as well. First, isn't it interesting that the administration that made a lot of noise about "taking our guns" now has a pretext to move on that issue? No "mass shootings" in quite a while and suddenly....

The second, and most interesting thing is the "mental illness" aspect. This itself brings up two thoughts. You can bet that while the usual suspects continue to go after our guns, not the criminals guns mind you, BUT OURS, no effort or moves will be made to address the mental health aspect of this.

Next, and lastly, as noted in the attached article, the FBI, that's the Federal Bureau of Investigation, KNEW about this guy. They had him on their radar, so to speak. Yet, here we are, ten dead people later. Now think back to all the other mass shootings and then check to see what the FBI (or CIA) knew and when they knew it. Being passingly familiar with how those agencies work I know that they both like to employ informants and dupes to be used for their own purposes. Do you understand how easy it is to manipulate someone who already has "mental issues?" I mean it's not like they haven't done it before.

In the meantime the anti-gun movement continues and we get ever closer to civil war part II. Notice how none....NONE of what they propose would keep criminals from obtaining and using guns, only you and me, the law-abiding citizen. Well, if they keep pushing they may find that we are not going to continue to be so law-abiding.