Monday, March 8, 2021

Continuing to Spread Ignorance Helps No One

OK, so there are those of you in here who already know and understand what I am posting about this time. You are the folks who, like me, know more about our nation's history than the average American gets in our public school system. We know this, because we have taken up the responsibility, and the interest, to further educate ourselves on our history. You might say that we learned more out of school than in school.

Others among you may not be as familiar with this topic, but are willing to listen and learn. And certainly there are far too many Americans who think they know, but are simply regurgitating what they hear on TV or from some activist who can't even get the nomenclature correct. I am talking about the Confederate Battle Flag, or symbols in general.

Today I saw an article posted on the ABC News FaceBook page about a CBF being flown on private property in Louisa County. I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say two things stood out for me: 1) The news page still doesn't know the difference between the Stars and Bars and the Battle Flag and 2) the comments, once again, were rife with ignorance of the history of that period.

My contention is, and always has been, if you don't know enough to get the names of the flags correct then maybe you just don't know enough to comment at all. It's like anti-gun people talking about guns, but they don't know a magazine from a clip or a bullet from a cartridge. What else are they getting wrong? Let me start by saying that a lot of people need to look up the words traitor and treason. These paragons of ignorance continue to refer to Confederates and the Confederate States as traitors or being treasonous. This sort of thinking belies their lack of knowledge of our nation's history, its founding, the Ratification Process, and the Constitution, just to name a few things.

It is quite easy to quickly find that not one - NOT ONE - former Confederate, from the lowest private to the president of the CSA, was EVER TRIED FOR TREASON. Given that the Radical Republicans, who ran the Reconstruction Period, absolutely hated the South, one must ask why. Now these history geniuses will tell you that it was because Andrew Johnson was a Southerner and he took it easy on the South. This of course overlooks Johnson's own hatred of the planter class, as well as, like I said, the fact the it was the Radical Republicans who were really running that show. The reason is quite simple and can be easily verified with a few clicks of a mouse; the Republicans, as much as they hated the South, knew that to try Davis and others for treason would open up the public record to the fact that secession was, in fact, legal and part of the understanding of all Americans regarding the creation of this country. If that were to be proven in court, as it was feared it would be, then it would be the North who would be seen as the aggressor and the insurrectionists.

Now then, that being said, as regards the Confederate Battle Flag. I will post a couple of pictures showing the CBF and the Stars and Bars, so that if any uneducated liberal sees this they might begin to see the difference. As regards the creation of the CBF and it's use, it WAS NOT made to represent slavery or the government or the KKK. It was created as the flag of the army, so that it could be distinguished from the American flag in combat, in the "fog of battle." This happened after the First battle of Bull Run, because of the similarities between the American flag and the Stars and Bars.

Yes, in later years the KKK did, in fact, use the CBF, aside from its organizational flag AND it also used the American flag. The left, the SJW's, the Woke will tell you that because the KKK used the CBF that makes it a "racist emblem." The fact that that flag and it's use was co-opted by a terrorist organization does not mean that it was made for that purpose. If we are to assign racist status to an emblem, because a racist group uses it, then surely we must also ban the use of the American flag (see photos included). You can't have it both ways.

The Confederate Battle Flag for me, and for many Southrons, is a symbol of the men who sacrificed all for their country. The vast majority of those soldiers did not own slaves and had no designs to own them. I know this, and many of you do as well, because I have read the letters, the diaries, the stories of the men who fought in that war. The fact that there are those among us who do not know, will not know, refuse to know this does not change the facts of history. The left may choose to wallow in its ignorance on this matter, but I will not be swayed.

Of course the left want you to believe that anyone who displays the CBF is, by default, a racist, hates black people, and supports the idea of slavery. This is only one more example of their inability to think beyond what their TV tells them to think, and also indicates that they have never taken the time to actually talk to anyone on the other side about this issue. It's just easier to believe what they are told. If they choose to continue in that ignorance and apply that ignorance to what you and I are allowed to display and show respect for, then I will continue to fight against that ignorance. We must not allow such ignorance to rule the day.
 First is the "Stars and Bars" or the First National, the flag of the government.

Next is the U.S. flag of 1860. 

Now imagine the smoke and confusion of battle, little wind and these two flags hanging limp of the staff. Think there might be some confusion? Indeed there was.

Third is the Confederate Battle Flag or St. Andrew's Cross (Scottish Flag). This was the flag of the armies in the field, designed to alleviate any possible confusion between the armies.

Fourth is one of the first efforts at a KKK flag in 1865. THIS flag was in fact created to represent the KKK.

And the last two are photos of from a KKK march/rally in Washington, D.C. in the early 1920's, during the heights of their membership. They are carrying the U.S. flag, the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory. Was that flag created to be a racist emblem for the KKK or was it co-opted by them for their own purposes? Is it a racist emblem?