Thursday, November 5, 2020

Time to Refresh the Tree of Liberty?

This country has what we call "Founding Documents." These documents, and the ancillary and various other documents that led to them, spell out the reason why we started this country and how it was to be governed. While it would not be possible to cover and codify every possible human freedom or right, the documents made clear that liberty, INDIVIDUAL liberty, was the basis of our government. Many of these Founders also recognized that human beings, being the fallible creatures that they are, had to be very careful to prevent the evil among us from taking advantage of the system to benefit themselves and their friends. This was anticipated (This is why we have a Second Amendment).

Given what we know, I mean those of us who are familiar with the Founding and with the human condition, are we to accept an affront to that liberty, just because people voted for it? Does "unalienable" no longer mean what it used to mean? Has even that words meaning been altered? I humbly submit that even though many Americans seem to be comfortable with the idea of socialism/communism/Marxism that the rest of us are under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to accept it from them. That is NOT what this country was founded to be or meant to be and we should not stand idly by and allow it to happen.

Enemies of freedom and liberty are just that - ENEMIES! Enemies in the rhetorical sense may be argued or reasoned with to see whose arguments are better. However, when those differences lead to subjugation, to less of your EARNED money being in your paycheck, to your rights as an American and a human-being being stripped away, then the only alternative is to fight. I don't care if that enemy used to be a friend or a family member, their actions are anything but friendly or familial. Such enemies must be destroyed, lest their disease spread.

I fear that the time to "refresh the tree of liberty" is near upon us. I never joined the military, because quite frankly I never felt the need, never felt that the military was actually employed to DEFEND our nation, but to be used as pawns in a global political game. However, I am ready to take to the streets and the fields to defend my liberty, that of my family (Who still care about such things), and to restore - RESTORE - liberty and REPRESENTATIVE government, not this abomination we have now.

I only hope that I am not alone in this endeavor.