Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Is Your Freedom Still Worth Fighting For?


Hmmm? I am one who submits that Trump made/had little success in his "draining of the swamp." Even he appointed people who most of us would classify as "swamp creatures." Ah, but look at Biden's team. The swamp is still alive and doing well.

Look, I know you don't like to hear me say these things. I know it rankles many of you, on both sides. But the sooner you face reality the sooner we can fix things and regain freedom and put government, and the swamp monsters, in their place. We are NOT going to fix any of this through the ballot box. We tried, it was the right thing to do, it was a valiant effort, but are you ready to face and deal with reality yet?

With the advances in technology have come an ease in cheating that few of us could have imagined. Take this technology and give it to people who are all too willing to use it, people who don't care what you want, but only care about themselves, and this is what you get. Our system has failed, it is broken, and the people who need to fix it don't want to fix it. They like it, because they can use it, too. Those who are responsible will not be held to account. Investigations will be done, harsh words will be spoken, some names may even be said, but in the end NOT A DAMN THING WILL BE DONE ABOUT ANY OF THIS! Mark my words, no one is going to prison for the cheating, for subverting our system of elections, for the lies, for breaking our laws, NO ONE!

I hope I am wrong, but I've been around long enough and seen enough to know how this story ends. There is only one way we fix this and it won't be pretty. We are going to need a Second Independence Day and a Second Revolution. The police, who you like to say are there to protect our rights, are not and will not. As long as their paycheck is signed by a government official they will follow orders. The military, who are "fighting for our freedom," are not and like the police will mostly follow orders (Prove me wrong). No, the only thing tyrants of all stripes understand is a rope over a tree limb.

We have a Second Amendment for a reason and it is time to stop talking about it and put it to use. Yes, I understand what I am saying and yes I understand what can happen. But I am telling you that there are more of us than there are of them and until we take advantage of that and stop allowing them to push us around like a school yard bully, they are not going to stop. They have gained too much and enjoy what they have gained too much to stop just because we ask them to. Now I readily admit that I am not willing to be a martyr, as one man cannot hope to make that change, but if enough of us can be gathered together to make an impression then maybe we can stand a chance. I am willing to fight for my freedom knowing there is a real chance we can succeed, but I cannot do it alone.

How much more will we allow them to take from us? Just how important is freedom to you?